3 Simple Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises (Very Effective)

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Have you ever experienced shoulder pain while bench pressing?

You train through the pain, hoping it’ll just go away…. But it doesn’t…it just gets worse…

This is a common problem. Train hard and long enough, and chances are that you’ll end up experiencing some kind of shoulder pain.

More often than not, the first sign of this instability is a pain in your shoulder, also known as the glenohumeral joint.

In this video, Dr. Dan Silva (Chiropractor), explains why this issues occurs and demonstrates 3 shoulder pain relief exercises that can help. Give these exercises a try so you can get back to lifting pain-free and crushing your fitness goals!

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sparsh kumar says:

I get it twice once i get relief after that now my other shoulder get injured while doing wheited dips

sawan kapri says:

Same I got when I was using Shoulder machine press can u tell me how i relief my right side shoulder painn

Johnson World says:

I am suffering same problems after chest workout

ᴄʜᴏᴜᴅʜᴀʀʏ ᴊɪ says:

I got it while doing push ups

Francisco Bravo says:

My shoulder is locked I can't do any of the exercises too much pain

A says:

I got this pain by not lifting heavy dumbbells by proper form

Joshua Tucker says:

The bench it’s really easy to assemble, it’s comfortable and I love the multiple angles you can set the back rest . The only bad thing about the bench it’s the legs they are not wide enough which sometimes feels like you’re about to fall on the side . Other than that it’s a good quality bench. Can be easily improved. Probably I’ll add 3 or 6 inches to legs to improve the falling on bestgym.equipment the side problem.

oximas says:

resting will always help as well

231-Shankar Palkon says:

I had this after attempting a reckless high jump

Labra & Rottie says:

After bench press and shoulder press I'm feeling pain.

Taylor Lyon says:

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K06E says:

Mine will flare up in the left.. the most of dumbell press and sometimes on bench

Shivamil Tiwari says:

Lifting dumbles up with shoulder movements usually cause this most

Ruben says:

I got shoulder pain after pull ups. Also did needle therapy and some rehab exercises but it didn't work.

papaya says:

I have it after doing long duration jump rope

𝙺𝚢𝚕𝚊♒︎ says:

I’m only 13 and I woke up and I have shoulder pain and I can’t turn my head to my shoulder but can on my right

Noice says:

Bench press sucks

Nidge Lawlor says:

Ive had shoulder impingement 18mnts now doing phisiotherapy on my shoulders syarted in 1 shoulder now in both shoulder, s have you any tips too quicken my recovery

Jack Danamaske says:

This is nice movie I think. However, You should take workouts from Unflexal if you want to learn more about workouts.

Sarika Agarwal says:

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