What If the Oceans Lose Oxygen?

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Scientists predict that the oceans’ oxygen levels could drop 3 to 4% by the year 2100. As that happens, oceans will undergo drastic losses of biodiversity, and entire ecosystems could be wiped out. Why is oxygen disappearing? Why are oceans losing oxygen? How could this affect us? Is there anything we can do to stop this? Oceans losing 3-4% of their oxygen may not sound very threatening, but it’s a big deal. These massive bodies of water cover most of Earth. We know that about 200 million years ago, oxygen was depleted in the oceans. This led to a massive extinction of species. With oxygen levels dropping in the oceans again, could we face the same loss of ocean life? And if you like to eat lobster, shrimp, or fish, will you have enough, or any, to eat in the future?

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Pasta Senpai says:

Plot twist : The owner of What if has been through all the alternate universes where these incidences have occurred and he is trying to warn us …

旬不詳 says:


Roner Ochea says:

Why the ocaen has no oxygen

shampa sarkar says:

Dance within 😊Disaster ❤️??
U can't avoid actually.
U have to face.
We know everything yes from our classroom 😊
We take nice Mark s and again search for seat yes not top hilly areas but a multi-million building 🏢🏫 we like to search 😊so where is the true time for such things to think 🤔??
And we need true story for our U TUBE 😊.

We need ddddd

Gablsg says:

When im older I want to start doing something about things like climate change.. i want to work with a lot of things like animal sanctuaries and i want to plant trees. I remember when me and my cousin(s) we’re going around our community centre picking up rubbish it would be amazing to experience seeing the recently extinct animals like Northern White Rhinos and that bird what was it? The Spix's macaw i think the type of bird that Rio was though we probably won’t see them again..if you actually want to live in a world that’s nice to live in people please try to do something even just picking up rubbish around your area feed animals like ducks try and get them something healthy instead of bread but still feed them:)


What if we can make a time machine can you please make. A video in this topic

April says:

Sometimes i wonder if what if knows someone called 'God'

【•My self•】 says:

We would be dead if we dont have oxygen if we dont havr oxygen im gonna panic but not hard 😓

•Wolfy♡San• says:

Nooo please

STARRS Mukbang says:

Humans ruin everything…..🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

Jeng Luster says:

Ocean loses oxygen
Me: uhm wdym ocean dont have oxygen bc i cant breath there

Jai Norman says:

Nuke the ocean

fas1ta says:

😍cute fishes

YounglingsSlayer66 says:

"What would happen to Philippines", bruh China is already stealing our source of food

モンスター says:

there is an 99% im going to die in 2100 soooo i souldn't worry?

CrookLine4462 says:

It’s simple

It’s all over

♡JELLYiamcoolJELLY♡ says:

When I see a clown fish
After watching this video
I will protect you Nemo
Don’t die on meh (┬_┬)
I have to find Nemo
I will go finding Nemo
And when I find Nemo I will protect him
That’s the last thing I will do
I will protect you Nemo
Hang on there
ლ༼ ▀̿ Ĺ̯ ▀̿ ლ༽

♡JELLYiamcoolJELLY♡ says:

You Isn’t it beautiful
You Well enjoy it as you can

Me after watching the video
Me ༼⁰o⁰;༽

aerrah says:

It breaks my heart what’s happening to our oceans. Humans are ruining this planet 🙁

Your_Real_Dad says:

What about over fishing it's happening right now by catch is at it all time high

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