Understanding FROZEN SHOULDER and how to stretch for greater movement

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Frozen shoulder is a problem that affects many people. How do you know if your shoulder is frozen? I will teach you everything you need to know about the causes, diagnosis and treatment methods in this video.
This is a longer video than I intended but I hope it gives you all the information you need!

Intro (0:00)
What is frozen shoulder? (1:21)
Anatomy (06:03)
Shoulder Movements (10:59)
Flexion Stretches (12:25)
Extension Stretches (16:29)
External Rotation Stretches (17:53)
Pendulum Swings (19:40)
Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips (21:54)
Outro (24:54)

Understanding shoulder pain and how to fix it- (https://youtu.be/B4UYaumLy90 )
How To Fix Shoulder Pain- (The Best Exercises To Strengthen Your Injured Shoulder)- (https://youtu.be/1U_ctTDiflU )
The right way to strengthen your rotator cuff using resistance bands- (https://youtu.be/OtXGIZR_dWE )
How to fix shoulder pain at home with these exercises- (https://youtu.be/J-s1rIUNsOA )

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813Major_ says:

I’ve been doing most of these exercises not even knowing what’s wrong with my shoulder or what exercises I’m supposed to do I just did what I thought would best help and kept doing the things that did…kind of crazy

Ramanjit Kaur says:

Pl suggest diet for diabetes

Nidge Lawlor says:

1 more question what ifits botjh shoulders plus I've bee using weights nd doing normal weight lifting routines is this why im not getting better i do all the streches u shown in vids should i stop lifting weights

Nidge Lawlor says:

Im a male 47 yr old ive had 2 FROZEN SHOULDERS 2 years now constantly doing phisiotherapy and shoulder routine but my mobility is ok but stiff in every direction my diagnosis was adhesive capsulitis and bone spurt but no trauma just went to bed with slight pain 1 night woke up next morning and had worse 6 mnts of my life with constant headache and neck pain my left went 1st but now the right one is worse than the left pain wise i think the cause was spending hrs on mobile phone as my job is night time security watching office but would spend the night on my ph 8 hrs so i now use mobile maybe 10 mins a day ive changed lifestyle by working out 2hrs 4 days weekly nd stretch or light swim on the 3 other days im considering surgery would you recommend tgis ive had to give work up i would love to get back to pain free life as its effectively ruined my relationship and confidence thiis a serious injury really painful so any advice would be appreciated should i stop doing so much exercise especially shoulder exercises weight bands etc Godbless all dealing with this issue especially if effectine 2 shoulders pain radiate down side of bak neck pain back pain all from this

Kat says:

You are simply amazing! Thank you for this video. You have explained and demonstrated it so understandably clearly. I have not been diagnosed yet, but I am pretty sure frozen shoulder is what I have. It started 4 months ago when I noticed I couldn’t brush my hair or roll it in a bun like I normally would or reach to cleanse my back. Even reaching for products in a supermarket shelf is difficult.
I would also have pain and my joints click when I move them or have like a pop sound. Heat has helped. I also tried ice packs but I ended up getting an ice burn rash. But this video is truly the best. Thank you for you professionalism and expertise. God bless you.

marion penney says:

Amazing, this is really helping me following surgery for breast cancer. Giving me motivation to keep going with the excercises during chemo as my shoulderandarm are so stiff. I've downloaded the exercise sheets.

Elijah Bwalya Elddin Chisanga says:

Wow this has been of great value and what a brilliant way of enlightenment.

bint-e-abdul wahab says:

What a great explanation

Christina Wu says:

Thank you so much. I have learned a lot from your video.

Arianna Gray says:

This is amazingly helpful, thank you! It is really useful to understand the mechanics of what is going on inside my shoulder. Your description perfectly fits what I've been experiencing, and your other videos on stretches have moved me from the thawing to the recovery phase. YEA!!

drshakawa says:

Not saying anything new. But had to comment that this is a very comprehensive video and has been super helpful for me. Thanks!

handy mack says:

Thank you for this very informative video. It's not long at all considering all the examination and solutions are relevant in the relief of the condition. You gave me more knowledge than I got from my orthopedic surgeon because he was restricted in the time to be spent with a patient. It is fantastic you relate the shoulder's movement to its internal structure. You show us exactly what the patient need after visiting the doctor.

G D says:

Wish I had found this earlier. Shoulder has been frozen for 5 months. Stopped PT because it got much worse. Exercises done were too painful and stretch position held up to 4 minutes which almost made me physically ill ! Dry needles used causing excruciating pain for 2 weeks after (intended to help with blood flow I assume). Now, I will try your routines
THANK YOU. BTW – have battled high cholesterol and pre diabetes although I'm not at all overweight. Interesting there could be a connection. I actually injured my shoulder by over doing it with overhead pull down machine at the gym (I'm 66 and was working out like I did at 46 :o)

Monique Rojkind says:

Thank you so much for this video. I have been to 5 different doctors and specialists about my shoulder pain and they could not give me a clear diagnosis. They just said “neuralgia” and discarded it as something psychosomatic. I am so happy to know it is real and there is something I can do.

Linda Marchant says:

Thank you so much. You explained it so much better than my physio. Good to know about the long stretches too.

Mohan Kumar says:

Thank you very much for your detailed information and explanation

Kalsoom Akhtar says:

Yes he vedio is very help full. I have a question. I have frozen shoulder from last year oct and ihave taken 15 date physiotherapy also taken some medicines. Now it is less pain. But my right arm could not go up done and so much bend inside so i could not move it like u told in movemts. What exercise should I start now and how long will it should .mean how many weeks i should take that exercise. Because it is almost 9 months of my frozen shoulder. I wanna to be curred from it. I dont wanna to be late in doing ex ercise. So i got this disability for my whole life. So plz reply soon.

Vipin Gahnolia says:

Thank you sir for this wonderful explanation 😀

Salty Spacecowboy says:

Gotta say I cant take the pain anylonger. Only reason I brought it up to my Dr.

Salty Spacecowboy says:

Seriously? Diagnosed a decade ago with impingement in both shoulders. Now Frozen Shoulder or Adhesive Capsulitis. Except I have been suffering from pain for 20 years. havent experienced loss of movement until about 5 years ago. Now I have a good Job with medical and told I have Adhesive Capsulitis. THIS ISNT SOME COUPLE MONTH ISSUE. IF IT ISNT FIXED SOON I WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO WORK. AND BY SOON I MEAN YESTERDAY. sorry. But I am seriously worried. I like my Doctor, and trust him. But how could he be so incorrect? Is this the impingement. Nerves numbing and pain from my shoulder to my hand with certain daily movements. I am a construction worker for 40 years.

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