Knee Pain With Exercise (SURPRISING CAUSE and HOW TO FIX IT!)

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Knee pain is one of the most debilitating discomforts that you can feel when you’re working out, especially during a leg workout. Pain in your knees can come in many different forms. You can get ligament pain usually seen from an injury to the ACL or MCL. You can get meniscus pain that usually results in a knee that gives out or locks unexpectedly. You can also get arthritic changes to the surfaces of the bones in the joint that makes movement difficult.

That said, the most common cause of knee pain in those working out is patellofemoral or patellar tracking dysfunction. In this video, I show you the root cause of the knee pain and more importantly, how to fix the pain. There are many exercises for knee pain but if the ones you’re doing are only focusing on the quads and the muscles around the knee, then you’re not looking at the complete picture.

Most pains are caused by dysfunction at joints above or below the site of the pain. In the case of the knee, you have to look up to the hip or down to the ankle for the real cause of the pain. Patellofemoral exercises are usually the focus of treatment for knee pain. They even are considered the best workout for knee pain. That’s a mistake.

There’s more to getting rid of knee soreness than just working on that VMO. Knee pain on squats is common when there are tracking issues in the kneecap. Most often, weak hips (glute medius exactly) cause the femur to track incorrectly. You want to do exercises for knee pain that strengthen your glutes.

I show you the easiest and best way to do this so you can start fixing your knee discomfort and soreness starting now.

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Overcome says:

Awesome video 7 years later thanks dude

Anders Eriksson says:

Hi Jeff.
you offer a lot of knowledge on your side and we learn a lot. of your videos you upload.
thanks for all the work you put in Jeff. 👍

Lala says:

I think my “knee” pain (above my knees) started after I started using the hip adduction machine but I don’t want to stop using it😭

Lme says:

I have really bad knee pain recently so stumbled across this. I also have one hip higher than the other and when I walk my knees turn in. This could be the cause of my knee pain thanks dude

KiNGCLuTCH says:

man that shi burned like a b*

Kay Mizon says:

I am suffering from chronic knee and hip pain, you just connected the dots! I love your videos!!

Paul Furse says:

Jeff, you are the man. I've learned more from your videos than years of professional training. I hit my weak hips too hard… didn't know I could be sore there. Love it.

Requenz says:

I squat 315 lbs/140 kg, and I admit that doing 20 reps of the Jane Fonda exercise is really humbling

Jim Napolitano says:

Thanks for reminding us not to just look where the symptoms are but to realize the cause can be in adjacent areas.
Is it ok to do seated resisted knee extensions after a total knee replacement?

Harold the Nihongo Student says:

I can't believe I have to watch this because of my left knee pain.

Raphaël Doneux says:

Thanks Jeff!👍

TheKing2k says:

Kinda wish I saw this video about a year ago, when I had constant knee pain and ended up breaking my patella. Nice to know now tho.

Limbo says:

My pain is in the outer part of my knee and I only get it after running or walking prolonged distances, it is impacting my training quite often

crosscountrygl says:

Thank you Jeff you don’t know HOW MUCH you help me with injury’s I get either from riding on horse back, jogging, weightlifting, neck kink etc love your workouts so again thank you!!!

AscendtionArc says:

Thanks for this.

J M says:

Your a miracle!!!! I have flat feet and def getting orthotics

OOO says:

Do they have a video for runners knee syndrome?

Tendr Place says:

68 yr old female….you help me with all my butt, thigh, calf, back pain…have Achilles heel pain on same side….also have scoliosis. ( always have)

Natural Health Revolution says:

😎🍿 So if you dont have that type of set up to do this exercise what is the best alternative exercise? Side leg raises for hips🤔🤔

Tyson Briggs says:

This man is a life saver, 🙌. Instant relief after doing this and it's shocking how the body works, I genuinely thought it was a knee issue.

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