Knee Pain During Squats | Fix it in 3 Simple Steps

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Are you dealing with knee pain during squats? In this video, we cover 3 simple fixes to help you overcome this.

Knee pain with squats is probably one of the more common injuries that affect the barbell athlete. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Check out the video to learn more!

0:30 – Why does knee pain during squats occur?
1:30 – First fix (changing the variation)
3:00 – Second fix (adjust stance width and toe out)
3:45 – Third fix (tempo squats)

Want to learn even more? Check out our comprehensive article “How to Squat Without Knee Pain”

Barbell Squat Tutorial. Learn how to safely barbell squat:

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Barbell Rehab says:

Thanks for watching everyone! Have a question? Just post it below. Would love to hear your thoughts!

kelly gomez says:

too much too soon is my reason

Casual Gamer Dads says:

I have such pain even when I rise from a chair …

Maja says:

What's about knees squats? They're good for knees pain and even better for glutes.

priyanka sharma says:

I try to do 100 squats per day ….facing knee pain now .

HealthHollow says:

I’m having pain that feels like it’s coming from UNDER my knee cap everytime I squat. I can jump around or run for 30 minutes straight without any pain at all. It’s only when I squat is when it hurts. I’ve tried adjusting my squats like you’ve said and it helps a little but it’s still painful. Not excruciating but it’s still there. Would you suggest a knee brace? Could that help? I can’t give up my exercising. I love weight training too and that’s a killer on my knee when I squat with weights.

Proud Misfit says:

Spanish squats are good too

Rocio says:

I think I hurt myself because I did leg day everyday suddenly and I had not worked out before ever

Sacred Caston says:

Wow you just helped out with this video.
Thanks 🙂

Park Jimy says:

bro you got really great information and content thanks man im gonna try this today

Melinda Murphy says:

Yep exactly I feel dead now from squats trying to do to much 260 in two days😩

Steffon Whitaker says:

I have tendinitis in both my quads. That tempo training is gonna really help me out. Gained a new subscriber.

rainynight02 says:

Another video I watched said that feet out was one of the worst things you could do, but that's what helps me actually be able to do a squat.

Mjay Baldeviso says:

Tnx for the information I'll be back if it's works for me

NewbieGuby says:

Every video i watch of fixing kne pain when squatting doesnt work 😢

UNsheep says:

I switched to low bar squat temporarily and eliminated other non compound leg accessories, but now I'm having arm/shoulder/forearm pain. 🤣 My knees feels better though!

walletphonekeys says:

Thank you. Is it ok to switch to low bar permanently because high bar or front squat still hurts but not low bar

IGN-Draken says:

While doing squats on my knee cap above side is paining please help me bruhhhhhh

Gian 720 says:

Great video thank you 👍 Can't believe you only have 1k subs 😮

It’sKiki says:

See now I’m confused because different videos are saying different things. I just finished a video that said wide toe squats strain your knees and this one is saying it doesn’t

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