How To Evaluate Knee Pain (Tendonitis or Patellofemoral Pain?)

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Dr. Aaron Horschig shares exactly how he evaluates patients with knee pain in today’s video. Want to know if you’re dealing with tendonitis or patellofemoral pain syndrome? This video shows you exactly how to tell the difference and some of the first steps you can take depending on what the screens show!

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Yoshihisa Shimazu says:

Theres not a single physio in this region that even does 10% of this evaluation. I wish I lived in the us so I could finally get some help.

Manan Chowdary says:

I don't feel pain while squating down but i feel it in single leg jumps and squat can some one tell me what is the problem

Syed Ali says:


Duck says:

Front squats!!! Ftw 🙌🏾

Vikash Chauhan says:

I m having knee pain especially after my leg workout, and its a very bad pain, n now it's kinda constant pain

Zeus Megabeard says:

Interesting stuff.

I have marked reduced mobility in my left ankle due to an injury many years ago and squatting to depth causes me discomfort in my right knee, do you think the two could be related? It would make sense going on what I've learned here.

dejdoesfitness says:

i get knee pain in both but only when i do a deep heavy squat and sometimes the next day is that normall and should i get jt checked

Michael Ivie says:

I need help! I've been an athlete for decades, elite runner and triathlete – never once had an injury other than tendonitis despite doing 70+ marathons and dozens of triathlons up to IronMan distance. 8 months ago I signed up with a personal trainer for the first time in my life. I liked it because he had me doing things I hadn't been doing on my own, but one day he had me doing sumo squats. I told him they were making my left knee feel weird… he asked if there was pain and I said no…. so he told me it is fine/normal. Every time since that day, my left knee has a loud click/pop sound when I do a squat motion (even just sitting down on the toilet). I complained to him about the clicking, and was further instructed to push through it as long as there is no pain. But after pushing through a workout, my knee did start hurting and lasted for a few days after – so I have avoided repetitive or weighted squat motions ever since and stopped seeing that trainer. When I ask doctors they insist it is normal and just nitrogen like a knuckle cracking, but I know that's not it. It would not just suddenly start happening if that were the case. There was a fundamental change in how my knee works and I am tired of being told to ignore it.

I have absolutely zero issues running and thought it might self correct over time…. but it has been too long. I tried taking 6+ weeks off from running and leg workouts other than stretching with no change in the clicking. Any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated from the community here.

Byron Bubb says:

Im getting pain at the top of both patellas, im thinking patella-femoral syndrome/tight quads….is this a fair asumption?

Salman Khan Deshmukh says:

Please make a video in Chondromalacia Patellar Pain

Simranjeet Singh says:

Amazing information ❤️

AscendHumanity says:

I have adhesion otherwise known as muscle knot on my left vmo. I believe I was doing too much and the vmo seems to take most of the load when I squat or deadlift. I am know isolating hamstrings and quads to strengthen them to take the load away from vmo. It is frustrating as I wish to squat and deadlift without pain. Any tips?

Nonyofyas says:

Great video! I have a question: Wouldn’t the “tibia rotation test” you performed just be looking at ankle inversion/ addiction?

Ruba Albarghouthi says:

Very informative and helpful video. Many thanks for your time and effort

Sina Shahsana says:

I feel my knee crackling and making noises. when I move my knee and i put hands on it I can feel my patellar go of track and feel very bumpy. I didn’t have ankle issues like him, but my pain wasn’t load related. Does that mean I have hip issues for sure?


Um i got pain even when doing stairs on my tendons so what do i do?

Escargot says:

My hip coordination is really bad. I couldn't even hold my leg up on one side for a few seconds. what should i do to improve it?

Pierre C. Dussault says:

Best video on the subject on Youtube. Thank you

An nA says:

Thank you for your work. you have many completely new approaches. what I haven't figured out yet is why my knees crunch and hurt. not only in sports. when climbing stairs, for example, it can be heard really loudly and they also hurt. I often train with jumps but this is only possible to a limited extent. can someone help

Tuba says:

My knees crack and pop , I don't feel any pain during working out but hours after working out, I feel a weird subtle discomfort accompanied by a warm sensation in my kneecap . I don't understand what this could be.

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