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PT )Este vídeo, de 45 minutos, representa uma aula completa de Aquafitness, com o objectivo de treino: CARDIO & CORE. Na aula pode observar que os alunos presentes têm varias idades, tal como acontece no dia-a-dia em várias piscinas.
A livre partilha, tem como propósito ajudar todos os profissionais que estão a iniciar a sua carreira como Aquatrainer. A estrutura de aula, os exercícios escolhidos e a liderança é ideia que se pode utilizar. Também durante a aula, acontece alguns erros técnicos, mas que se consegue ultrapassar, sem que haja percepção dos alunos. Tudo dicas para quem está a começar.
Francisco Estevão

EN) This 45-minute video represents a complete Aquafitness class, with the objective of training: CARDIO & CORE. In class, you can see that the students present are of different ages, as happens in everyday life in several swimming pools.
The free sharing is intended to help all professionals who are starting their career as an Aquatrainer. The structure of the class, the exercises chosen and the leadership is an idea that can be used. Also during the class, there are some technical errors, but they can be overcome, without the students’ perception. All tips for those just starting out.
Francisco Estevão
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Peter Smith says:

What was the music used in this?

Marga06 says:

Nice, but awful sound 😱

Pablo Salas Espina says:

Muchas gracias por compartir este pedazos de sesión, ¿Dónde se puede descargar la sesión de música utilizada para la coreografía? Muchas gracias.

ward shoshi vered says:

Beautiful exercises! I’ll sure will try it in my next lesson. Thank you 😊

Sand Araujo says:


Scubasafarii says:

Hello, good time, I'm looking for a water sports or hydrotherapy company in Germany. Can you introduce me? Thank you.

matar fall says:

Félicitations et merci pour le partage

Pamela Lopez says:

A música utilizas

Natalia Soledad Allegro says:


pablo lorente says:

Grande Francisco!!!!! Un abrazo desde Granada!!!!!!

Laura Chapman says:

Great video! Thank you for sharing! Definitely love a lot of these moves to try and incorporate into my classes. Some I need to get in the water myself to try out before instructing to my class. Thank you again! Teaching 5 days a week and 3 days are doubles, I'm trying to add variety to keep it fresh, but my mind can only hold so much. I try to add one or two new moves to keep it up though. Please continue to share! 🌊💙

eukenedeanasagasti says:

Francisco, gracias por compartir!!

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