10 Best Stiff Knee Pain Relief Stretches

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A stiff knee can be caused by tight muscles around the knee, injuries, or even arthritis. Some simple stretches to loosen up the muscles around the knee should help. Buy a worksheet with these knee stretches at: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/stiff-knee-stretches-worksheet

Starting off with patella mobs is a great way to get the joint loosened up. Since the kneecap is connected to the quad and patellar tendon, if they are tight, it can push the patella down into the knee joint causing pain and stiffness.

Next are heel slides. Even though these are not technically a stretch, they are a great way to get the knee moving and relaxed before going into the big stretches.

Then using a strap to help stretch, quad stretches, hamstring stretches, IT band stretches, and calf stretches are a great way to get all the muscles that go to and cross the knee joint. These are full stretches, so hold the stretch for 30 seconds, and then do 3 reps on each side.

A butterfly stretch for the groin or adductor muscles, and a lunge stretch for the hip flexors will not only loosen up the knee, but they will also help with the hip. These are full stretches, so hold the stretch for 30 seconds, and then do 3 reps on each side.

Seated heel slides with heel taps are one of my favorite ways to get a stiff knee moving and help increase the bend in the knee.

Finally, a soleus stretch will get the muscle underneath the calf. This is a full stretch, so hold the stretch for 30 seconds, and then do 3 reps on each side.

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10 Best Stiff Knee Pain Relief Stretches:

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Buy a worksheet with these knee stretches at: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/stiff-knee-stretches-worksheet
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Kelly Flynn says:

I have my own mellow chocolate bear named Pete and he would like to give a shout out to Mr. Bear. Thank you for these great stretches and for including Mr. Bear, who has a very healing aura. heart hands

Zainab Nooruddin says:

Hello ma'am ur excercises are great help to me please let me know how many repetitions should me do in a day

Nautical Ly says:

Dr I have knee pain since 9 months but my blood test, xray, mri scan everything is normal.. I done one month Physiotherapy not curing….
I feeling knee pain, sound from my knee,tightness, locking.. Can you see my report and tell me how I get free from the knee pain?

cherry kiran says:

Some people deserve just a "Thank you"..! But,,,
Ma'am you deserve….❤️

Kimberly Sollenberger says:

What if your obese? Do you have other exercises

XxFroggyBloxx says:

One day I popped my knee and it feels like it got stiff so bad. After this it got unstiff and my knees got way stronger. I also sued a compression around my knee to help. This helped me so much and no more than in 3 weeks everything was back to normal

Juan Gutierrez says:

I have a question, I'm having trouble with my knee , I don't feel any pain but it feels tight like there's tension on my knee cap

Alexa Soricelli says:

It was really helpful thank you! I’m able to walk normal again after I did it 😌

Jan Mayeaux says:

On the IT stretch, do I need to have my knee locked? Is a slight bend okay or does it compromise the stretch?

Hari Maya Lama says:

My knee has become very stiff ,it's been 4 months since my surgery but my knee bending isn't improving it's been 1 month i am going for psyotherapy what should I do now doc

Yvonne Yetman says:

Enjoyed learning these great exercises Have subscribed Hugs for Mr. Bear

D M says:

This doctor is ON POINT 😳😳😳 best stretching methods I’ve seen in a while. VERY EFFECTIVE.

CatRich Billay says:

Needed this one. Thanks JoJo, hope you're having a great day. Going to have a good session

Marie B says:

Your calmness adds to my relief — that is a plus (lol) see now I can even smile while I am choosing one of these gentle exercises for myself. Also, your darling dog is a mental health healer and that too eases my discomfort. Thank you for the video very much appreciated..Yes I am now a subscriber.

Baby_ Marketer says:

Dr jo… it hurts 😭 I need bear to comfort me while I’m stretching

Kevin Ric Balberab says:

What if. I cant fully strecht my knee. In 3rd and forth. Mybe only at 100 degree fold. Would i force it ..

Ps.. It really hurts.

rosie's avocado says:

I've subscribed
Can you tell me about some exercises for posture and fitness

Nathalie C says:

I don’t remember ever been able to move the patella like you do. I must be really tight 🤣thanks for video

Gwenevere Butler says:

Thanks Dr Jo for sharing these great knee stretches to help relieve stiffness in the knee!!! Greatly appreciated.

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