TEN BEST BALANCE EXERCISES, from Physical Therapist

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This is a 30 minute series of my top 10 exercises to improve your balance. Doing this 3 times a week should help increase your balance and stability and decrease your chance of falling and injury. This is led by Jenny McClendon who has 21 years experience as a Physical Therapist with seniors. ENJOY!

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Welcome to Jenny Fit Start! Any fitness program can pose some potential risks to health and safety. To reduce or avoid injury, please consult your doctor before starting this video or any other exercise program. You perform these exercises at your own risk. If you experience any shortness or breath, light headedness, or pain, stop and seek assistance from your doctor. By continuing with this video, you understand and accept the risks of injury and/or illness that could occur during participation of this video. You agree to accept full responsibility for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use or misuse of any of the information on this video.


Hina Hani says:

Today I am brain edima sarviver 😢

Thirunavukkarasu Krishnamoorthi says:

Very interesting and informative

Maureen Smith says:

I'm going to PT tomorrow for sprained ankle, and thanks for the exercises so I know what to expect.

Todd Sloan says:

10:28 I need that nice chair

brenda doredant says:

Thank you. I really need this and am afraid to go to physical therapy for fear of COVID.

Patsy Foster says:

Thank you
My balance is horrid ,been thru hip replacement, I have heel issues and just don't excersise like I use too and haven't felt good at all ,well get there again so glad I found you ❤

Mary Shields says:

Love this, not too strenuous but definitely impactful!

JMT says:

Thank you! At 75 I really need these exercises and I am starting them today and plan on 3-5 times a week. Better late than never!

Jackie Lambert says:

Thank you. Great for asthma

Palapala K. says:

Doing some of these exercises in the pool in case I fall.

Marie Ross says:

Great balance exercise It is inspiring and helpful for everyone Thank you!!!!!!

Marie Ross says:

Great balance exercise It is inspiring and helpful for everyone Thank you!!!!!!

GF H says:

Wow, my balance is completely skewed. My wife and I will do these as suggested. Thank you. I hope results are realized in a few months.

Teréz Czako says:

Köszönöm a videód!!!!♡♡♡♡♡

Pooja Gupta says:

due to defeciency of vitamin b12. I am facing problum of lot of coordination balance disorder. plz suggess me 🙏🙏

MacctheLab says:

Thank you very much for this challenging and beneficial video!😀

Holly Hein says:

I have always been an active athletic woman but age came along, thankfully, and I really needed to do balancing and you are wonderful. Thank you

Paula Moy says:

Thank you very much Jenny 👍👏👏👏

O. R.F. says:

I've been working out to many of your videos for almost 2 years now. Frankly, on the bad days, you are my reason for getting off my … and moving. You make the world a calmer, healthier place Jenny. Thank you so much.

Lanna Vine says:

The chair blocking the view of your legs

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