Strengthening Exercises For The Elderly (Part 2 of 2): Lower Limbs

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This is the second part of an elderly exercise programme where seniors can stay in good health by doing these simple exercises at home. These exercises aim to improve balance, flexibility, and improve muscle mass. Find out how to strengthen your lower limbs with a few easy movements.

This video is brought to you by Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

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Kejuan Taylor says:
New video 😄

MegaMusical10 says:

This is great!

Therese Matthews says:

How does this lady stay so slim?

shantha mahendran says:

I have been operated for knee replacement. More than six months now. I have drop foot of the same leg. Do you have any treatment for that?

monsie pickles says:

I am 84 years old. I find the triceps stretch very difficult… I can only make 10 and not very well I am afraid. Any advice? Thanks😟

monsie pickles says:

I am very happy to have found finally good exercises. I feel good, and confident, only after 2 days… it is great

Tehd Okun says:

What do you recommend for those that might not be able to untie a note in the resistance band? For example, my uncle has no feeling in his fingers.

Anandhu G says:

Can you please explain the source of these exercise??

Slava Vova says:

I must appreciate Dr Madida on YouTube because I know how Terrible  this Lyme disease  is and even my pulmonary fibrosis disease but with the aid of Dr madida herbal medicine I was cured.

Paul Lu says:

Hello, is there a version in Chinese (cantonese or mandarin)?

Nilesh Kothari says:

What's this belt called and where do we get in Mumbai, India.

Mike T says:

As someone in his 70s I find the demo at 3:42 most beneficial for my lower leg/ankle/feet area balance difficulties I am experiencing.

Kamil Baranek says:

What is the tittle of song?

M Davies says:

Very helpful. Thank you.

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