Exercises for Seniors with Knee Pain

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Is knee pain hindering your daily activities? These exercises focus on strengthening muscles that help protect our knees. Try them with Jenny! Remember, you can always use a chair for additional support.

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Rick Ragain says:

Thank you for y our video, very helpfull, keep up the good work! God Bless

Kelly Palantzidou says:

can one do these with a torn meniscus? Is there any other video on how to heal a torn meniscus?

Vandana Kumar says:

Very good exercises

vinod singh says:

Thanks madam I have osteoarthritis but or from one month I am cycling 20 every day and walk for half an hour I feel good , but below the knee my limbs are not able gravitate to the ground , surely I do what you thought us knee leg strength exercises 😃

Joan Rourke says:

G =xdgggvb .

Bruce Delaplain says:

You're left leg is in a different place than mine lol. Seriously though, nicely done.

Kim L. says:

There's also an easy effective home program for seniors in Treat Your Own Knee Arthritis at Amazon.

A Cat Makes A Purrfect Pal says:

Thank you. Extremely helpful. Thank goodness for YouTube!

Esther A. says:

would love to have exercises without the music……or something more contemplative, thanks

Ava Owens says:

I have severe spinal stenosis and trying to lift my legs is like lifting them through cement. My knees hurt. But I do what I can

onlyhummingalong says:

Thank you. I love your smile. I tried them for the first time today. So simple. How can I refuse to do these?

Eric Rusch Sr says:

These help my legs. Thanks.

Gau Girl says:

Thank you so much! I have been looking for gentle exercises to deal with knee pain, and this is just the thing. Well-explained and demonstrated. Well done!

Roshan Wright says:

These seem great thanks. Curious as to the last one why the heel lift during the squat?

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