Exercises for patellar tendinitis to help you recover quickly

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Patellar tendinitis is a common source of pain in athletes of jumping sports, such as basketball and volleyball. It is an inflammation of the patella tendon, usually developing over time. The athlete complains of pain at the lower part of the patella where the tendon attaches. He also might feel pain at the insertion of the patella tendon into the tibia at the tibial tuberosity. It can be very painful to athletes who need explosive strength with jumping and pushing off. Therefore, it can significantly limit an athlete’s ability to play at a high level. Exercises for patellar tendinitis can be very helpful.

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Treatment for patellar tendinitis is almost always nonsurgical. Short-term rest from the offending activity can be helpful, although this is difficult in a high-level athlete during the season. Occasionally, a small area of degeneration within the tendon (tendinopathy) can develop that makes healing and resolution of the pain difficult.

In this video, physical therapist Yves Gege and I show a few exercises for patellar tendinitis. You can try them to recover from patellar tendinitis.


Dr. David Geier says:

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Reuben Enriquez says:

I can’t even do a squat without immediately feeling pain below the knee cap. Kneecap is also painful to move. Got X-ray back they said eveytning was fine and that make knee isn’t going into place correctly.

Joe Sev says:

If it to much pain should i stop?

John Nguyen says:

How do these help? I thought these movements would aggravate the tendinitis again

John Nguyen says:

Got mine from doing squats

rainhart27 says:

Patellar tendon is below patella right? I got pain in this site of my knee after having May mcl injury, the pain from the middle collateral was gone , but this patella is painful specially when I go down stairs , my question is , what should I use the hot compress or the cold compress for this patellar site? Thank you

M Doreen Barrett says:

Hard to see step action. Black step, black shoes, black pants.

Priyanka Chahal says:

Ohh it really hurts when you put your weight on knees.. How I can do it?


How many reps and how many times a day ?

HeyDude111 says:

Is there a natural food diet to enchance my tendons without the use of meds?

Jeff Cavaliere's muscle marker says:

how many times should I do these exercises in a week?

MambaMentality says:

What stretches do you do if you partially tore your patellar tendon?

Aedan Acheson says:

I had to get surgery on both my knees for patellar tendinitis. I had it really bad, but it is still affecting me after the surgery. Hopefully these exercises will help!

Nihongo Akiramenai says:

Big thanks doctors!! 🙏🙏🙏The exercise work for me

Jasmine Tay says:

I been running for years. But why does the pain starts recently? 😔

Armida P. says:

Dr. I have a question, when I do the squats I don't even go that low and still I hear a clicking sound on my knee, should I go low anyway or should I avoid hearing that clicking sound? Or that is my limit? I don't want cartilage damage

Michael Johnson says:

I'm not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about surgery knee tendonitis try Mackorny Treat Bones Blueprint (do a search on google )?

It is a great exclusive product for dealing with chronic knee pain minus the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my mate got great results with it.

Ram Singh says:

I have no pain with your exercise but If i started running then pain will comes back … please suggest me 🙏😭😭😭😭

Poop Poop says:

Left leg gang


I got mine in a cycling accident whereas a cab cut me, got lost control, and tipped off my bike with all my weight distributed straight right to my right knee.

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