Dying to the Creepy Baby Blob Monster – Resident Evil 8 Village

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►Resident Evil 8 Village – Dying to the Creepy Baby Blob Monster | Giant Baby Monster Eats Ethan (PS5 Ray Tracing)
Ok this was seriously messed up. Not only does it make baby sounds and look like that. But it says YUMMY. I’m so done. lol

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Rubhen925 says:

YUMMY!!!!!! Sleep ruined…….

Update – There's a new Lady D Lingerie mod lol. Check it out – https://youtu.be/hbLm-RlBOhw

[]*ᒎᗩᑕᛕ ωαℓƭεɳ *[] says:

People with dirty minds: is that a mouth or. . .🤨🤨

Koria Payne says:

So discussing

𝓂𝒾 𝒶𝓇𝓂ℴ says:

Cara de feo olor mal terror

I just watch videos and leave comments * says:

When people use their kids for ASMR videos:

Weeping God Trollge says:

Its not blobby its just a baby

Obaminion Pog says:

Forget mommy milkers girl this is what I want 😩

Nik Fenske says:

I wonder how much Capcom paid my ex gf to appear in their game

Aurora says:

How I look when I wake up

not honey bee says:

All baby is cute except this and…

Permanent Patriot says:

Gave me Outlast 2 vibes when the tongue demon was chasing you

R3nd0m says:

The baby is god damn creepy and intresting at the same time lol.

Morgan Björkman Björling says:

The zombies in RE6 is scarier than this baby monster! Derek Simmons in RE6 is scarier as well!

alxxz says:

That's one awesome Vore scene! I wish they had also shown him being digested alive! 😀

Henry Wolf says:

wait a minute how can it eat ethan if it dont have teeth??????

Sara Lazzari says:

Trevor Henderson joined the chat

Mr. Blue Sky says:

0:15 reminds me of pufferfish

eler2 says:

why are y'all so scared, I'm just trying to get some Doritos from the kitchen

Brother_Taylor says:

Man the people with vore fetish’s are quaking

💙 Ren Ren 💙 says:

"Isn't my baby so cute!"
The baby:

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