3-MUST DO-Daily Strength Exercises For Seniors

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3-MUST DO-Daily Strength Exercises For Seniors

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Bob and Brad demonstrate 3 must do daily strengthening exercises for seniors.

Bob (the tall one) has been diagnosed with Ataxia. It affects his balance and his speech, but does not affect his thinking. We appreciate your understanding and support!

Video Chapters: 0:00 intro, 1:07 using a chair for good posture and strength, 3:00 Using a pillow and chair for posture and strength, 3:56 using a walker for safe standing, 4:49 unsing a pillow or cusion for standing aid, 5:45 using a chair or walker for ankle strengthening, 7:10 when to do these exercises, 7:20 outro

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All American says:

Brad & Bob, you do a wonderful service to all of us. Have been a subscriber for several years.
Bob, I am going through health problems as urself.
Please think about only positive things coming ur way, as I am trying to practice this new way of healing myself. See urself well again & know that it will improve all. When we think positive even though harder for us right now, the stress leaves our body & with that the body will once again restore us. Illness starts when we give in to our problems, as mine has for me. So, from experience recently by thinking myself healthy all functions in my body leave the tightness in my muscles, restrictness in my blood vessels & breathing needed for to nourish entire body. Illness cannot survive in a positive & healthy ( full of good breathing of oxygen & blood flow, body ).Illness is fed by our acceptance of this. Prayers to you & hopefully you will understand that we are in charge of our bodies & God is guiding us, & not some negative diagnoses that does not give us hope & the strength that we need to go forward. His blessings to you dear sir. πŸ™πŸΌπŸŒΌπŸ’•

snehal gothankar says:

great excercises for seniors and all πŸ˜ƒ

Amy Denton says:

This is a great video for my mom!!!

Georgia N says:

I just sent this video to my brother who is in his 80s and has already suffered 2 falls while getting out of chairs.
Thank you.

AnyasCelticCreations AtEtsy says:

I love Brad's skeleton socks! These exercises would be good for chronically ill people or people recovering from illness too.

Stephanie Carrow says:

You guys are the best! Blessings to you both.
For broken heart: I find being with caring friends, helping others through their own difficulties, being with animals, and being in nature (woods, beach, etc.) all very healing.

AzOutlaw7 says:

Excellent advice gentlemen. Excellent advice. Thank you. Glad to see everybody doing well.

Hawwau Ibrahim says:

Good exercises gentlemen. Impressed by Bob's efforts. Carry on Bob. Greetings to both of you from Nigeria.

valnaples says:

I love the #1 exercise….I work full – time at a computer and TRY to get up and STRETCH many times each day…..I do many shoulder and neck stretches every day because if I have a heavy load of cash-work to do, it gets all caught up in my neck and shoulders…I am 64 by the way and I appreciate you 2 a w e s o m e guys and your humor too! πŸ˜‰

chis mooly says:

great guys always same thing new i learn

Cynthia Tosh says:

Great to see you guys!
Would be nice to see more videos like this. Stairs can be a challenge and sustaining weight on one foot… maybe some exercises for this?
Bob you are an inspiration for all of us! Good to see you!

leslie ramsay says:

We love Bob. And Brad. Entertaining and personable. And So many useful tips for my our health!!! Thanks!


Thank you, guys. As usual you two are awesome. A wealth of useful information from which we can all benefit. God bless.

gohim2j says:

I'm adding these to my morning agenda. I'm presently taking therapy for neck and upper body strength after suffering through a pinched nerve which resulted in a lot of arm pain. But, because I found the B&B duo while having to wait 3 weeks to get into therapy, the pinched nerve pain had already subsided. My PT was surprised at my progress afforded through your videos. At first she told me it was dangerous to use YouTube for "self help", but her attitude quickly changed when I demonstrated the chin tucks and another exercise that were being used daily. I'm thankful for Bob and Brad.

Carol Ferguson says:

Love you guys ‼️ Thank you once again.

Allsorts Gifts says:

Thank you great exercises

Gary Suwannarat says:

I do 3 simple things when I awaken: sitting on the side of the bed, I massage my knees in a circular motion 10 times, then reverse. Second, air bicycles, still seated on the bed. Forward 10, then reverse for 10. Last, a seated stretch with the right hand reaching scross in front of the chest as far as you canreac to the left. Then repeat wirh rhe left hand reaching across to the right as far as possible. No more middle of the night or early morning stumbles as you walk to the potty! (My husband now does these, too.)

Julie LaGoy says:

Bob & Brad you guys are the best

Denise says:

"I feel like a senior". πŸ˜…

Philomena Marchwicki says:

What exercise for broken shoulder to get arm behind back to fasten & open bra.

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