20 Minute Total Body Workout | SilverSneakers

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This total body workout will rev up your metabolism and improve your muscular endurance all in 20 minutes! You can choose to do the exercises seated, standing, or a combination of both!

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Nunu Lemma says:

Thank you I have enjoyed it it really helps

Sheri Stewart says:

I'm a new beginner today! Why she gotta go so fast? Also, a little bit of warm up would be nice!

Me Jhon says:

Ao silver sneakers is like a dance?

Birgit Rhoads says:

Thanks again, Jenny. Great class.

Felipe Adan Lerma says:

Michelle and a few others had mentioned these recorded sessions during their live classes – so nice to have both options! Thanks, Jenny! 🙏 😊

M Barrett says:

Thanks, I really enjoyed this work out.

Joanmarie Seacord says:

Love your music. So hard to find music for seniors that do NOT have completing lyrics!! Can you please recommend?

olivia colon says:

I was able to follow, but if you coulda have picture to show the next exercise would be awesome!!

Jane Slesser says:

Wonderful teacher, but would really appreciate if another praise word could be used instead of continually saying "nice", but enjoyed the class.

Rita Lagle says:

I don't have silver sneakers but they allow me to access these work outs and I'm thankful for that. These are exercises I need after being inactive for 2 years. Thank you so much.

Shelley McLaughlin says:

I love your work out do you have any others. I can’t do hard intense do to my bones

Mona Philip says:

Thanks for the work out. I really enjoyed it.

Carmen Candelario says:

I enjoy the workouts from SilverSneakers. On another note, I love your wall decor, the long rod & candle holders. Can you please let me know where you purchased it from? Thank you in advance for your help on my inquiry.🌻

Art Warmanen says:

Going to do this today. Have Medicare and Tricare for life. Not eligible for silver sneakers online. YouTube is good for me!

Brenda L W says:

love this workout

Birgit Rhoads says:

Tlhank you Jenny. I miss you at SS!!! A pox on United Health Care for dropping SS. I feel so much better now.

Patricia says:

Have problems staying up right now

Kris Mandley says:

This is great for my body to get back into exercising after being forced to rest.

saddleup1000 says:

Great for my body!

Happy Camper says:

Check out Jenny's live sessions on SS. 45 minutes of fun Tues and Thurs AM. She makes it fun, great attitude

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