15 Minute Senior Strength Workout

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Pick up your weights and challenge yourself with these senior muscle strengthening exercises to ward off atrophy and osteoporosis.

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hew195050 says:

Lovely. Just what I needed before work.

Debbie Landers says:

This is my first time working w/ you. Thanks Cindy! 😊

Anne Konskier says:

Thanks,that was such a great work out 🏋️

Dorendra Allams says:

I do this workout every other day! Keeps me active and confident! ❤️Mumbai❤️

Uni Built says:

Cindy thank you so much. It was amazing. I'm 70yrs old from Philippines. I really appreciate it. Peace and Blessings to everyone.

VpFree Free says:

Love your workouts, Cindy. I’ve been alternating upper and lower body workouts for a couple months now and I really noticed I had more strength when I had a big gardening day last Sunday! Thanks so much!!!

Wendy Beer says:

Thank you for the 15 minutes of weights! Very good range of muscle strengthening.

alex smith says:

Hi just watched cindy, I found her very informative. And love the way cindy explains each exercise, very clear as l get confused when to breath in and out. So will be doing these definitely thank you

siony quismundo says:

Hi im Siony from Philippines 63yrs old. i like your workouts. I do it everyday. Thank you Ma'am. My cholesterol now is in normal level. God bless❤

VegMom says:

That was a great arm workout. Thank you.

Randy Steiner says:

Wow … I returned to this video and loved it again. Thank you so, CIndy. I will include you in my prayers for your easy healing.

Mrs C Pc says:

I think you may have become my “ go to “. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome , and refused a stair lift , bath hoist and electric wheelchair 10 years ago. It gets worse but if I persist with efforts it gets worse slower. Still walking still trying aged 70

f zare says:

Thanks for helping us to stay strong. Love this short strengthening video.

Rosie Eilon says:

Thank you.
Great discovery for me🌹

Patricia Pirrie says:

Probably a good routine, but good lord, turn off that annoying twinkling music. It's all I can hear.

pam culp says:

Just found you!

Gail Solomon says:

Good arm strengthening. What pound weights do you use?

Dorothy Blane says:

Just wanted to wish you good luck with your forthcoming operation. I have been using your YouTube excercises classes over the last two years and I want you to know how much I have enjoyed them. They have been fun and uplifting while the outside world was dull and dreary.. While you are out of commission i am sure all your followers, like me, will carry on with your previous classes. Good luck. Dorothy Blane, Suffolk United Kingdom.

Pete R says:

Thank you thank you so much for the video I need these so much for my mom🥳🥳👍🏼

Irene Plumb says:

I really enjoyed this workout,love your gentle style💫

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