What If the Arctic Turned Into a Megaslump?

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The sound of trickling water might seem harmless, even peaceful. But in the polar regions, this sound is a sinister warning of an event that could swallow up the arctic landscape. What would happen to the climate? Why couldn’t you eat fish anymore? How much carbon is stored in the arctic?

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What If says:

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XxThe Awoken OnexX says:

They would still use rhetoric, to claim climate change is a hoax!

ck675 says:

This man narrating this video sounds like a 6th grader trying his best to meet a minimum word requirement for a school essay

Nanimoa says:

I miss the north pole

Dharma Teja Pamula says:

Imagine one punch man getting out of control and punching earth "SERIOUSLY”

BK YK says:

So nobody is going about talk about the dude in 0:24

Abdulahi Mohamed says:

Yes he wrigth

I Like turtles Gaming says:

What if he added stranger things music 😳

Hunny Bunny says:

Earth : is dying
My math teacher : fiNd tHe X ! FiNd thE X !!!!!

NotMatt says:

666th comment

animatonsarefire says:


Exterminator says:

Sup guys these dumb asteroids keep on making fun of me so I’m making them crash into each other because how annoying they are don’t worry earth I will keep you safe

fairy says:


robanger production says:

Let me guess we die 😕

Zentonix says:

This is bs because once on earth there was no ice so how did life survive then?

Ash Anarchy says:

Thus presenter is way too enthusiastic about something that will kill us all

A Myth Of Life says:

If that happened we would come in the Water era Like the anime in Gargantia

Rohit Albert says:

Soooo we're pretty much dead

Pratyush Tiwari says:

Video idea:
What if god really exists.

Best Clips says:

what if we stopped breathin'?

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