Top 5 Core Exercises For Sciatica Pain Relief

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Dr Jared Beckstrand demonstrates 5 of the best core strengthening exercises to help alleviate sciatic nerve pain. Increase your core strength and relive sciatica with these simple exercises you can do right at home with no equipment.


Sciatica is pain, numbness, or tingling that starts in your lower back and travels down your hip and leg.

While the sciatic nerve symptoms into your leg can be super annoying, they’re typically caused by a different problem up higher in your lower back.

One of the best ways to treat sciatic nerve symptoms is be strengthening your core muscles to provide better stability to your spine and decrease the irritation on your sciatic nerve.

And that’s exactly what I would like to show you in this video!

These are 5 of the best exercises you can do at home to strengthen you core and eliminate your sciatic nerve symptoms.

This video is actually Part Two in a two-part video series created to help with your sciatic nerve pain. In part one I demonstrated some of the most effective stretches and mobilizations to help alleviate your sciatic symptoms. In this video you’ll learn the core stabilization exercises you need to perform to keep your symptoms away and relieve your problem.

If you’re interested in Part One, you can find it right here: Otherwise, let’s get into these exercises…


1. BRIDGES (1:12)
2. BIRD DOGS (1:59)
3B. SIDE PLANKS (3:40)
4. SWIMMERS (4:20)
5. SUPERMANS (5:20)

HOW OFTEN SHOULD I DO THESE EXERCISES? I recommend patients perform these exercises daily as long as there is no resultant increase in sciatic nerve symptoms.

Remember – consistency is key in increasing strength, so remember to come back to this video regularly to watch these exercises and get the relief that you’re after.

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Hope these help you to feel better fast, and I’ll talk to you again soon.


MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Not all sciatic nerve symptoms and low back pain are the same. Depending on the cause of your pain, these exercises might not be the best treatment for your specific injury. Your best option is to have your pain looked at by a local professional. The exercises presented in this video and on this channel are for educational purposes only and are not meant to be taken as medical advice for your specific pain or problem. Participating in these exercises is done at your own risk and you assume all liability for your outcomes.


Robert Santos says:

Thank you for your exercises… Can you still throw the discus, with spinal stenosis stage -1?

Kama Daytrades says:

I've had sciatica for over 3 months now. At first it was a sharp pain and I couldn't even bend over. I wouldn't have been able to even do these exercises. Fast forward to now, it has gotten better, but become a dull ache behind my knee and on my upper buttocks. No longer a sharp pain, just a constant dull pain.

I want to resume going to the gym while avoiding exercises like squats, deadlifts, etc but I'm worried it will make it bad again. Would you recommend against that and just sticking to core exercises? I feel so lazy having skipped the gym the last 3 months. It sucks….

ramakrishna kodali says:

Tooooooo good demonstration
Greaaaaaat job
Thank you so much

Arun Kumar says:

Very useful

Hkameleon Music World says:

Thanks men . Question i have a rythm vibratiom Plate workout At the house do you Think This can Help For my long time siatica ?..

Sayan Garai says:

Good evening sir,
Greetings from India.
Myself Sayan Garai I'm a first year medical student. I've been suffering from sciatica like symptoms since last 2 years. I've visited several doctors and therapists, but failed to get a long term solution. Today i suddenly came across your youtube channel. You've made videos on pain releif which ill surely practice. But if possible could you kindly allow a communication with you so that i could send you my details which would elaborate my case.
In case such a favour isnt possible kindly make a video on Cardio exercises to lose body fat with Sciatica symptoms…
Blessed to come across your channel.

Life's Easy says:

I tried this for a week and now the pain is long gone thanks so much

BW B says:

do these exercises every day or with a free day for regeneration between?

Jo R says:

So do you do part 1 first then straight. Into part 2 or do you do them on different days?

Nur jamil says:

Thank you for the video, i wanna ask for my case my sciatica is actually already calm down, theres no excuriating pain running down from back to heel, but currently the pain is still there on the heel, and i notice actually my hamstring is really tight, i cant even straight it to the bottom while sitting, do you know what im lacking? Ive tried so many exercises to relief the pain that running in my leg/knee,

Lexafar Crescent says:

hello there, i have alittle question, the space i have in my room is a little reduced , is there a problem if i only do the leg motion for the swimmers?

Karen Alcivar says:

Totally helpful but they are not easy to do it. Perseverance is needed

sohail ahmed syed says:

This strengthening exercises should be done along with the one which you showed in the previous video Number 1


Seriously…i can barely sit on the pot…get pants off or on sit stand or sleep and you want me to get on the floor…stick out my legs..and balance on one knee??😧😧😧and how prey I get up???

Hunan Legend Restaurant says:

Hi Dr Jared Do you have a video of these exercise that you can train us ?

Dorothy Pinotti says:

Baby boy I love your videos and it is so cool that your wife joins you and helping on how to do some of the sleep I just want to thank both of you all for the videos that you have allowed us that watch and helping us out there so many people just needs that help thank you very much and I love you and I know many other people loves you but most of all God loves you thank you again yours truly number one fan

John Saldana says:

Great strengthening exercises ! I will do these to help me levitate my sciatica. It has helped. Thanks again !!

Kelly K. says:

When do you recommend doing these after the first video- im having major pain, when do i start these conditioning exercises?

Patrick Maxwell says:

Is this something you can do daily or every other day?

Peaceful One says:

Due to significant injuries I have pain radiating from numerous areas. After much physical therapy still not much relief. I'm very grateful I found your channel…it creates hope for change. THANK YOU so much..

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