SCIATIC NERVE STRETCHES! — Best Sciatica Stretch For Fast Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

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How to stretch your sciatic nerve – this is the best sciatica stretch to use if you suffer from sciatic nerve pain, also commonly called sciatica or piriformis syndrome.

This simple stretch eases sciatic pain by lengthening your lateral rotator muscles, through which your sciatic nerve runs. When these muscles get tight, as they do from sitting for long periods of time or activities like cycling that cause abnormal tension in the hip and butt area, they impinge the sciatic nerve, causing pain down the back of the leg that doctors refer to as sciatica.

Fortunately, no drastic measures need be taken to alleviate your sciatic nerve pain. Simply use this stretch daily to lengthen the muscles impinging on your sciatic nerve and your sciatica will disappear in no time!

Also, it’s important to remember to move around a lot during the day, especially if you have the kind of job that keeps you sitting for long periods. Sitting creates tension in the hips and can cause sciatic nerve pain.

If you must sit for long periods, take frequent breaks. Even getting up to walk around the office for five minutes every two hours makes an enormous difference and can be just the ticket to avoiding future sciatic nerve pain.


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Donald F Schiff says:

Great exercise! I'm not nearly as limber as Sukie, so pressing into the stretch is not an option. I couldn't get my hands around my thigh with my head on the floor to save my life! I just got them to the outside of my shin, above the ankle. For me, the key to good technique is to relax the rest of my body as much as possible. I relaxed into the stretch, letting my bent hip lengthen the back, as well as opening the outer thigh. Moving the position of the bent lower leg on the supporting thigh changed the location of the stretch at the hip.

Jeff Johnson says:

Just watching you do
That makes me feel better

Stacy Soliday says:

You look so young here, lol.

Dave Pomerleau says:

Do you have any tips for vertigo ? Thanks a TON

Rehanaโ€™s Blogging Diary says:

Amazing ๐Ÿ˜ป

Ham AlA says:

how long dis been podcasted dear Su ?

M. Karim says:

Uhj. ,, Zx from

B. M. says:

I am subscribed to you. All due respect, did you use an actual vhs camera for this shoot? I think it's great.

Let It Roll says:

This caused pain.. Stopped before I got a severe flare like I did before.

Ewa Milena says:

My yoga teacher showed this exercise in the last session ๐Ÿ™‹

Felipe Felix says:

This stretch hurts so bad!!! Does that mean my sciatica is really chronic

Andre du Preez says:

I unhooked (dislodged) my severely pinched sciatic nerve with a stretch/roll 17years ago. I was debilitated for years before. My sciatin nerve was caught in my hip bone join, after I lifted a heavy piece of marble doing a kitchen installation.
One night I tried a stretch while flexing muscles, kind of a light bulb moment in on the spur of the moment, and it immediately dislodged the nerve. I even heard it come loose. Incredible I know but it really happened. I can describe to those that are interested. It worked the first time I did it. It was pure fluke. But worked and I know it can work for others. It was so easy and elementary. I have never thought of sharing it before but as I saw Sukie doing that stretch now I remembered my pain and would have given anything for someone to show me what I discovered that night. I have not had a single back spasm, dead feeling in my lower leg outside ankle area since the night I did the stretch/ exercise. I think it may work for others. How can I share it and would anybody want to know and give it a try?
I am not a blogger or anything. I have watched some of Sukie's Vagus nerve videos and helped one or two friends with it.
Anyways sorry if this is improper to mention on this platform. I'm sure this is going to be lost and I won't even see any replies to my message, I'm so technologically challenged I can't even upload a picture on my own Facebook, my ex did it all for me. Look me up on my Facebook and send me a friend request if I don't respond to replies on this…. Andre du Preez is my name. Or email me on my email address
Sukie, please delete this message if I am not supposed to post like this. I don't want to offend. But I remember how debilitating my pinched sciatic nerve was. I even lost my ability to be of any use in the bedroom but that also changed after that night. When my physiotherapist saw me afterwards she could not believe that I could suddenly walk properly… I was going to go for scans and x-rays the following week out of desperation, but it was all gone. All the pain, collapsing, spasming.
And I have kept this all to myself all these years, perhaps now is the time to share? Some ideas?

Jame Andy says:

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P W says:

Great stretch! Worked wonders! Thanks oodles!

Kelley M says:

So, I'm really only just now able to walk good again after dealing with lots of leg pain. It started with the IT band and Psoas, but as we worked that out in physical therapy the pain moved more into the piriformis and down the back of the leg. It has all been horrible, but the sciatica really was the worst. The only way to get rid of it is to do this exercise along with what they called "flossing the nerve" in physical therapy. You just straighten the leg as much as you can stand and flex the foot and you'll feel it. I can now straighten that leg slowly and after some heat I can lean forward slightly. I'm only just walking and standing straight again so it is baby steps stages, but you really have to floss that nerve if you actually want to get rid of the sciatica pain. Then you have to just work on getting the hamstrings stretched out after that, also…slowly. We don't want any set backs here!!

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Josue Gomez says:

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Shivang Pandey says:

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