Bicep Tendinopathy Strengthening Exercises | Tim Keeley | Physio REHAB

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Another cracker daily REHAB session for you this week for people with distal bicep tendon ‘tendinopathy’ or weakness following a strain or mid-substance tendon tear. These 3 exercises work well in that progressive strengthening phase – after the initial eccentric and low level work, to bridge the gap into normal dumbbell bicep curls and heavier back pulling work.


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Pekka Tiitinen says:

Hi! I do rock climbing and hit the gym. I've developed pain in the biceps just above the elbow. Are pain above the elbow in the biceps and below the elbow in the start of the forearm 2 different issues? Or are they both related to this?

Josh Hyman says:

There are far too few videos on youtube focusing on bicep tendon pain at the elbow. Been suffering with this for a few weeks now from overload and definitely going to start with these exercises.

henry robinson says:

What would your advice be for smokers or people who have recently quit vaping and nicotine use. I know nicotine constricts blood vessels and thus the tendons take longer to heal and adapt. But what would your advice be for a bicep tear muscle bells or partial tendon tear? In terms of rehabilitation, supplementation, and adapting training?

Asif Rashid says:

Amazing stuff can you do a vid on best exercises for those with with multi-directional instability

B Jo says:

Thanks for providing these simple yet very effective techniques and thoroughly explaining them. Will put them to practice in hopes of rehabbing my strained tendon ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

Al W says:

Dr Tim, would this be a rehab addition to a distal bicep repair with endobutton, 6 months post repair, prior to return to sport

Dino Lewy says:

when will the pain go?

Dino Lewy says:

Can i do these exersises before my dips workout?

illmitchjax says:

Great video, sorry if I'm being lazy here, but what would generally be recommended in terms of sets, reps and frequency?

Mura says:

My TEENdon is alright. I overloaded my biceps last week and I don't feel pain nowhere near the TEEndons but in the belly of the muscle. My mobility is 99% normal. There's something there. I feel pain when I lift the arm and try to extend the arm to the max, then I feel that pain/burn in the belly of the biceps. I feel like the short head of the Bi is strained cause if I press close to the corticoid process (when arm lifted)I feel that burn. No pain whatsoever when flexing the biceps neither pronated or supinated.

Brian Sowders says:

I have this issue from over training pull ups. Itโ€™s been persistent for months. Mine really is only triggered when I flex my bicep and then pronate while flex. In the middle of the rotation is when I can feel the sharp pain. But it doesnโ€™t hurt at all if I do that while not flexing my bicep. The pain is minimal, more aggravating than anything. But it only hurts when pronating. Should I do these bicep exercises or should I try to find an exercise that focuses on pronation?

Yahya Atiya says:

I've been struggling with anterior elbow pain for months. Not sure it is biceps tendon – the pain is about 1.5cm latetal to the tendon in the cubital fossa, and only on heavy (10kg+) curls. If I massage the brachioradialis it feels good. Could it still be biceps?

Scuba Steve says:

How about Distal Bicep Tendon "Partial" tear video? Every single video they do online is on full tear. They say get surgery or live with it. I can't find a single video on how to do therapy on partial tear. Heck I wish I had a full tear I could get surgery and it would have been healed already after 9 months.

2playyasean says:

the band definitly makes sense since like you said the load is less while you arm is fully extended so while your tendon is at its weakest

Nimantha Nadunge says:

I have been having this for 6 months, how much time we have to do this recovery workouts ? By the way this is some good knowledge, thanks

Jon Foster says:

What do you do if your MRI is normal, but the tendon hurts 24 hours per day for six years straight, even at rest with no loading? I canโ€™t do an isometric load below pain because thereโ€™s always pain lol

Xavier E. says:

The short head of my bicep tendon feels like a cord compared to the other arm tendon. is this bicep tendonitis?

MT KILLA says:

I dont have pain in my bicep tendon but its a burn, any help

Am Had says:

@Physio fitness how to distinguish between a tendinopathy and a minor tear ?

frog man says:

Does this strengthen the tendon so that it doesn't get injured again if not what is a good way to strengthen the tendon?

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