Achilles Tendon Stretching

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Dr Jenny Sanders of Financial District Foot & Ankle Center in San Francisco gives advice on Achilles Tendon Stretching to reduce athletic injuries.

Financial District Foot & Ankle Center’s state of the art Gait Lab utilizes HP Cosmos Running Machine, HP Cosmos Paramotion Video Analysis System and Tek Scan’s F-Scan to help athletes perform at their true potential. The experience gathered since 1990, has also provided knowledge that transfers to helping children and the general public. At FDFAC, you don’t need to be an extreme athlete to be treated like one.


Jp M says:

achilies is probably the wors injury I have had I have bad a torn calf pulled thigh and I get soar achilies alot im a soccer player and marathon runner im only 13 am I inury prone and why are my injurys only in my left leg and feet

alsatian9130 says:

thank you so much — especially for the soleus ( second ) stretch. This is not common knowledge here at home. I will share. Thanks again. God Bless

Carl Marc says:

I am a pretty athletic person. I tore my tendon about 5yrs ago with multiple ankle injuries to add on. I tend to get tight feeling down there in my foot/ A.T. area ..I love to jump and run but every now and then I think about the horrific incidents I have had in the past. Is the exercise absolutely okay for a guy like me? I am 20yrs old 5'10" 180lbs ..

Mx Bolsa Trabajo says:

The woman passing by is the best

youngbloodx14 says:

Thank you for the video

missaysa says:

Great video ! Thank you so much for sharing !!

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