8 Great Exercises for Hip Osteoarthritis – Ask Dr. Abelson

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8 Great Exercises for Hip Osteoarthritis – In this video we go over some great mobility exercises for for Hip Osteoarthritis. Check out our “Hip Exercise Playlist” – https://qrcodes.pro/u1a8Zc

Read Dr. Abelson’s articles on “Osteoarthritis of the Hip & Knee (2 part series)”, “Iliotibial Band Syndrome”, and “Dealing With a Groin Strain”. https://www.kinetichealth.ca/hip-injuries

Discover and read Dr. Abelson’s internationally best-selling books available online at many bookstores including Chapters/Indigo: https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca/home/search/?keywords=Brian%20Abelson#internal=1

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00:00 Single Leg Knee to Chest
00:58 Double Leg Hug
01:22 Hip Flex, Int & Ext Rotation
02:19 Clam Shell
03:05 Knees Together, Raising Heels
03:47 Knees Apart, Int & Ext Rotation
04:47 Knees Apart, Hip Ext., Int & Ext Rotation
05:34 Pelvic Bridge

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Carole Williford says:

I just saw this tape and am encouraged that these exercises will help me walk without pain. Thank you.

Football Paradise Editz says:

Thanks man it's helping me alot

Bridget Holmes says:

Is clicking during exercise a worry

M&M says:

I be trying these exercises. As I have Osteoarthritis in both hips, & I get alot of pain in the groin & pelvic & hip area. And the physio exercises I was given are not like the ones shown in this video.

S T says:

definitely going to try #6 and 7. Looks like this could help me

valentín montaña says:

These are the best exercises for hip arthritis. I obtained maximum relief right from the very first session. No other exercise or drug have given me so much relief. I highly recommend them. Their effect is cummulative.

Hùng Kiệt says:

Great excercise for hip pain,thank you.

cs chaka says:

Thank you so much for the exercises !

Mike says:

I’m pretty sure some of these exercises can be harmful if you have a hip impingement (FAI). You should very much avoid internal rotation with hip impingement.

Pretty G says:

I will start these exercises tonight and in the morning. Reading these comments that the pain has diminished gives me a little hope. I’m 39 and have osteoarthritis in my hip with low back pain. I’m down about it and just want to be able to move around and not be in pain.

Crēv says:

If anyone can give me some advice i would very much appreciate it.

Little bit of backround –

24 year old athletic male

* was professional ballet and bboy dancer up until late 2019. forced to stop due to low back injury right side that docs still can’t figure out to this day after tons of imaging and different treatments

*diagnosed with bilateral AVN of hips in february 2020

*core decompression surgery right hip jun 24 2020, left hip aug 24 2020

*begin to notice a “heavy” feeling in right side pelvic floor feels like a tumor. docs say it is most likely pelvic floor dysfunction but after many treatments it is still here today and is very annoying

*oct 2020 i get off crutches and slowly begin to walk again

now we get to the main reason i am making this post

*feb 2021 i do a hike in the snow. feel fine until the next morning i wake up in the worst pain i have ever felt. 3X as bad as the surgery pain. the pain is a deep dull ache somewhere near the hip flexor or rectus femoris. i immediately am back on crutches for weeks and even contimplate suicide multiple times because of how bad the pain is

* we do multiple MRI’s and Xray to make sure it’s not related to my hips which it isn’t

*i slowly get better and work my way into walking again but it takes months and I am never able to walk more than a mile without a fear of it happening again

*Since feb 2021, this same flare up has happened 5 times except not as severe but it always gets to the point where I can’t walk and have to use an assist for weeks. there’s never an exact “moment” where i know it happened it is always a delayed reaction. My physiatrist has done multiple ultrasounds in the adductor area when I’ve had a flare up with no luck on finding a cause. he did a lidocaine injection in the hip to make sure it’s not that and it’s not.

*Jan 27 2022 i begin to feel the same flare up starting to creep up, it’s been 4-5 months since a bad one happened. all i can think of that i’ve done to maybe cause it is either swim laps, sit for 30+min or go on a 2mile walk. Today the 28th i woke up in pretty severe pain like the first one. Not as painful but enough to where i’m back on crutches.

*since the docs have no idea what’s going on i’m open to any theories or ideas. since we confirmed it’s not from the AVN my guess is it could be related to my on going low back or pelvic floor issue’s. it’s rediculous though, someone my age with my athletic past should be able to walk as far as i want no problem but i have a fear of even going around the block now. i’m not able to work either due to the pain and i’m tired of being home and having my parents watch my suffer constantly.

*treatments i’ve tried
*shiatsu massage
*lidocaine injections
*physical therapy (multiple)

Joyce Croft says:

I have just looked at these exercise and wonder if they alright for me to do. My hip is painful and I am 85 years old. Would they be suitable for me to do.
Thank you in advance joyce

Ramandeep Kaur says:

Thanks a lot sir

colin henry says:

Mr Abelson, May I ask you how much success you have had if one follows this series of exercises daily, with reducing chronic stiffness in arthritic hip joints? Appreciate the benefit of your experience. Many thanks.

Kevin Toth says:

Great video. I can feel #5 as well, trust me..:))

Kieran O Connell says:

Thank you. No crap. Straight to the point 👍

DistantCousin says:

Thanks for this. I have been unfortunately been diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis at the age of 44!! Quite upsetting. I do a fair bit of hiking and I want to be able to continue doing this with as little aching as possible 🙂

Richard Schafer says:

This is helpful.
Parachute accident in the Army has led to osteoarthritis in my left hip, knee and ankle.
Thank you

Dan OT says:

Thanks much..1st series today.

Pete Mayes says:

Thanks very much for these they are different and I can see how they could help

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