What If You Caught the Swine Flu?

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In 2009, this disease infected millions of people, now it could be back. This is the Swine Flu. Although we managed to largely avoid it over 10 years ago, there’s now a new strain of the virus. And experts think this new strain has the potential to cause another worldwide pandemic. How likely is this to happen? What would happen if you caught this disease? And how does this virus compare to COVID-19?

Transcript and sources: https://whatifshow.com/what-if-you-cought-the-swine-flu/

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What If says:

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David Bradley says:

You would need some oinkment to make it better

Power Gamer says:

He Teaching Interestingly Than my Teacher

Cleon Axiaq says:

The girl at the end of the video is right… forcing people to wear masks by law is non sense as you can still get COVID19 & it's harder to breath with a MASK ON in summer!

XxThe Awoken OnexX says:

What If you caught the swine flu?

All the Anti COVID-19 conspiracy theorists would call it a fake virus.

RixyZ says:

Made in China

Ally Mills says:

I got it in 2009. Ended up being hospitalized and the worst two weeks of my life!

Dhruv Gupta says:

Bruh I'm used to it now cause I'm living in 2020 Bruhhh

Vidi says:

In 2009 I had the pig flu, I don’t remember it but my family remembers lol

Vidi says:

In 2009 I had the pig flu, I don’t remember it but my family remembers lol

Mr.ScaryPasta says:

I actually had the 2009 Swine Flu when I was young. I isolated at home and rested. Worst 2 weeks of my life. Nothing but pain, fever, aches, and fatigue.

cDayz says:

Please don't give 2021 ideas.

suvarna patilIlovethisveodo says:

Swine Flu pandemic when I was born 2012

Keila Bobro says:

I had the swine flu

mike turnblom says:

What If Season 5 Episode 58, What If You Caught the Swine Flu

eq2noko says:

I still have no idea why SOME people are against mask.

I have no problem with it and hey, it is cool to wear a mask and go in to store (not that I am planning anything).

And IF masks are “deadly”, why are those doctors, nurse and what I know for workers still alive?

Nada Abdallah says:

This year is the worst year I have ever experienced in my life

Ally Mills says:

I got the 2009 Swine flu. It sucked.

T LB says:

Ah yes… China,how surprising.

The Basic Minecrafter says:

COVID-20? oh jeez its covid 20 🔪🔪🐖🔪🔪

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