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Shoulder stretches are great for shoulder tendonitis which is basically an inflammation to the tendons in your shoulder. This can be the rotator cuff tendons or even the biceps or triceps tendons. There doesn’t always have to be inflammation with the pain, and this is called rotator cuff tendinopathy. Shoulder tendonitis stretches can help ease the pain in the shoulder. Shoulder Tendonitis Exercises:

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Doctor Jo is a Doctor of Physical Therapy.


Shoulder Tendonitis Stretches for Pain Relief:

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AskDoctorJo says:

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MP Slater says:

When does tendonitis become something more and require shots or surgery?

Vic Putinski says:

Thank you for sharing all of these amazing routines!!!

seena pv says:

Thank you Doctor Jo. I was in tremendous pain for last few days. Had to visit emergency and get steroid shot for the pain and inflammations. I started doing these stretches from yesterday and already I can move my hand around. This is really helping me.

Eleni Chouvarda says:

Is this the PNF stretching?

Eleni Chouvarda says:

My arm makes noises when it extends…

Andrew Robinson says:

Lol thank you

Yash Chaudhary says:

Hey doc I am having infraspineactus tendon tear form 2 months the dr gave me medicine and said to rest . please suggest something how much time it will take to heal? I couldn't even train ❗❗

John Hunter says:

Hello Doctor Jo,
I suffer from shoulder glenohumenal joint fluid is present, Rotator cuff tendon fraying, degenenation, peritendinitis and Bursitis.Please recommend which one of your exercise video should I follow. Thanks and God bless you.

Pass Spanish says:

Doctorjo to the rescue AGAIN. Thank you so much!

Cathay Pacific says:

Thank you Doctor

Relax4Success says:

Dr. Jo, I just love your videos!! So helpful !!!! I'll continue following you and bringing my friends to you!!!
It would be amazing if you could have your videos with Spanish subtitles!!!
May God Bless you Today and Always!!!! THANK YOU FROM MY HEART ❤

Elaine Flores says:

You are the best Dr. Jo, my husband and I both go to your channel when we are in pain. We are both seniors and find your channel the best. You are awesome 🤗

Chris Graham says:

You're the absolute best!!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!

pretty says:

I had a terrible pain for the last one year which got worse since February.
I literally watched this video, followed instructions and in just 5-6 hours I have seen massive improvemens, like 70% recovery.
Thanks so much for uploading such a beautiful video..

Beverley Dabell says:

I have been suffering from extreme pain in my left arm for approximately ten months. I had an ultrasound scan and it shows calcium build up on the tendon. He said it looks like it's been there for years. The pain is all in my bicep though, the shoulder only hurts when I press it. I've had 2 sessions on a machine at the physio which didn't help so now I'm waiting for an injection. I'm in so much pain my arm is hardly useable and now it's coming to the right side! I'm 65 x 😪

Penka Stoyanova says:

The last exercise is very painful for me. Any suggestions what else I can do to increase that back range of motion, Dr. Jo?

Justine Schinski says:

Are these good exercises to do if you have calcific tendinitis?

U Awrstlr says:

Thank you very much❤️

Kirti verma says:

You are the best di

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