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Knee pain is very common, and osteoarthritis, or OA, is one of the main causes of knee pain. This real-time video will show you a 12 minute stretching and exercising routine you can do to help keep the pressure from tight muscles off your knee joint. See Doctor Jo’s blog post about this at:

Knee pain can also be caused by weakness, and knee tendonitis, or knee bursitis. In more severe cases, you might have injured your meniscus or ligaments. This routine should help with all of these forms of knee pain as well.

For the first stretch, you are going to stretch your calf muscle, or gastrocnemius muscle. Keep your leg straight, and take the belt or leash and place it on the ball of your foot. Relax your leg and then pull your foot towards you. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds, 3 times.

Next is a hamstring stretch. There are many ways to stretch them, and you can check out the hamstring stretches video for other ways to stretch them. Lie down on your back and still keep the strap or leash on your foot. Keeping your leg straight, pull your leg up with the strap as far as you comfortably can. Try not to bend your knee. If it bends, back off a little because you are trying to stretch too hard. Hold for 30 seconds and do it 3 times.

The last stretch will be on your stomach, or in prone. This will stretch your quadriceps muscle. Take a belt or dog leash and wrap around your foot/ankle. Take the strap and gently pull your foot towards your buttocks until you feel a stretch. Hold for 30 seconds and do it 3 times.

For the exercises, you are going to do a four way hip on the ground. The first exercise is going to be a simple straight leg raise (SLR). You want to squeeze your muscles tight to lock out the knee and pull your toes towards your head to keep the whole leg straight. This will work your hip flexor muscles when you lift your leg off the ground. Now roll over onto your side with the leg you want to work on the ground. You are going to work the bottom leg working your hip adductor muscles. Same as above, keep the leg straight.

Next, is going to be on your stomach, and this works your hip extensors. The last one of the 4 way hip will be on your side. The top leg is going to stay straight and pull your toes up towards you. Keep your body in a straight line as well. This is going to work your hip abductor muscles. Just start of with 10 of these, but go slow and controlled so you are working your muscles and not using momentum.

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Doctor Jo is a Doctor of Physical Therapy.


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Mandy Parsons says:

Morning I did the stretch bands for my ANKLE… WHEN I finished work it's painful.. Ive had the ankle injection.. It not really helped… And the hospital doctor. Said they not that far advanced to do surgery on my ankle joints… I keep exercise… Thanks doctor Jo

Dee Irving says:

Morning Dr Jo thanks for these exercises I'm finding so helpful. Btw I haven't got a dog lead or a strap so I'm using my bra🤣

jvpdek says:

I like this style of video where you spend the full time doing each exercise. That way I can follow along.
It's also great that you explain the nuances to get more out of the stretches and exercises.

Cindy Huff says:

Thanks again‼️🤗

Bertha Z says:

Hi Dr. Jo, just found your videos and subscribed.
I have a knee cap problem. If I walk 30 minutes or more, the next day my knee feels swollen inside. It hurts and can’t do anymore walking.
Thank you for these exercises, will do them and hope they help, so I can go back walking again 😊.

Nirmala Drieskens says:

Good video❤️❤️❤️

kledi kledi says:

Please can you tell me some exercise or streching for knee ligamnet pain

VikiPedia!!! says:

What’s the name of that belt

kayula B says:

That was awesome

Stephanie Walton says:

What's the next progression to this video

david chambers says:

Wonderfully simple and effective…I’m recovering from knee issues due to running and not enough stretching so these are great! I suppose I need to do about twice a day as I get flexibility into my legs, is that about right?

Louise Cutler says:

Thank you. What is the best way to get up from the bed and chair so you are not putting pressure on your knee?

Kausar Sayyed says:

Bcoz of words coming on screen ,can't see the exercises properly

ysmbklyn says:

Hey Dr. Jo 👋🏾 Where did you get that giant mat from?


Hi Dr. I like your videos as it allows me to do some of the stretches safely without hurting myself compare to physio app. Thank you for your dedication.

LadyAshe PhD says:

Where did you buy the PAD behind you?

beas1718 says:

Can I do these stretches for the knee which is hurting while climbing up stairs?

Zinat Kermali says:

Where can I get this string for exercise

E Johnson says:

Where do I get that neck or back mat that's in this video?

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