Cole Anthony Was Ranked ABOVE LaMelo Ball In High School… What Happened?

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Cole Anthony Was Ranked ABOVE LaMelo Ball In High School… What Happened?

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What’s good everybody, it’s treese, and I am back… again. Just a year ago, Cole Anthony was seen as the clear better prospect over LaMelo Ball. However, here we are – a year later. Cole Anthony is expected to go somewhere from the late lottery and LaMelo Ball will most likely go in the top 3 in the draft and possibly even be the first pick. How did these two switch roles, and what happened to Cole Anthony? From his scouting report, to his story, to literally everything in the real of Cole Anthony, I will tell you all about it in this video.

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0:00 Introduction
1:59 The Rising Stock
4:05 The Falling Stock
6:10 Scouting Report – Strengths
7:28 Scouting Report – Weaknesses
8:42 Conclusion/Comparison

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Kelly Deluna says:

The disrespect to Jamal Murray!

Petar Gulin says:

Guy flat out is bad at running offense and just is too trigger happy. He plays basketball like it's pickup game. Most coaches and GMs don't like it.
btw he averaged same amount points, actually more turnovers than assits and also shot like crap BEFORE injury.

patrick santino says:

very good intangibles. Has a high starting floor but his ceiling is unknown, maybe he peaked in hs or his freshmen year is just a one of.

Demmark Dacillo says:

Damn ya'll throwing salt on cole. Don't you understand carolina had a bad season because of injuries and bad bench depth? Come on

Brendon P. says:

34 point triple double DEBUT game lol

Uncle Jrue, but with Fresh Timbs says:

8:38 Ngl, he looks like he just got capped in the head in that picture.

RonRon Maquiling says:

Austin Rivers max

FaradayFilms says:

I'm not too worried about Cole Anthony. My main knocks on him would probably be his shot selection and the fact that he didn't win much in college but both can be attributed to a weak UNC team. Also I don't think work ethic is really a concern here. Man plays hard, even on defense. Should have a solid career.

KingLegendary1 says:

eh he shoulda ran track while at molloy he would have become faster he's a lazy bum now

Anthony Preciado says:

Melo just gonna be like lonzo he don’t score

Anthony Preciado says:

He still better than Melo

iFlexalot says:

He is more like russell westbrook but just not as explosive

Tivo Kenevil says:

Lamelo is overrated tho… He's weak, not exactly fast, and does needless fancy passes, and his shot is booty.

Charlie Babbitt33 says:

Pretty simple when the comparisons were being made they were essentially the same size whereas now Lamelo is like 6'9"…..

Josiah Gamez says:

Cole dosent have any nba type talent on his team so of course he takes bad shots. But he needs to get others to look better

Charles Campbell says:

I know let's make a video hating on Carolina while we can smfh

_franchised_ says:

Lamelo is overrated and idky he’s ranked so high

hamooze says:

"he worked for everything he got" "he worked out with private trainers from age 11"

Dan V. says:

Cole’s injury concerns are a question as well
shows picture of him dead

Dan V. says:

Tbh I knew Lamelo was gonna be good but I think once Cole Anthony is gonna be a solid star and a Demar Derozan level player or even better

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