7 Simple Exercises for Shoulder Pain That Really Work (Impingement, Tendonitis, Arthritis)

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrate 7 simple exercises for shoulder pain that really work. Good for impingement, tendonitis, arthritis, etc. Make sure to like us on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/BobandBrad/

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Jane Worrall says:

Oh, and I’ve also subscribed!

Jane Worrall says:

I’m in my 70s, and have had shoulder pain for years, partly from lifting heavy patients, partly from an old injury from my mountain climbing days. It feels like there’s no fluid there, and they grind.
I’ve had various treatments, including ultra sound. I tried swimming, but it was too painful, especially later on. I have watched this for the first time and will try the exercises, but I’m wondering if I’ve left it too late. Thank you for your interesting and informative videos.

Emmanuel I says:

I want to take this time out to thank and recommend Dr Igudia on YouTube for the natural herbs supplements I ordered from him which cured my Genital Herpes virus completely within just three weeks of using the herbs supplements

Martha Leiss says:

How many reps and sets of each exercise should you do?

Jade Gordy says:

I got burned and got a skin graft on my shoulder and it hurts all the time… Unfortunately…. This won't help me:(

Patrick Cullen says:

Thank you Jamila green 💓

Boni D' Souza says:

Too much of useless talk.

Rick Uyeda says:

skip to 3 minutes

Mick Lexington says:

Do you recommend an ice pack in the evening to help relieve sore shoulders?

Ron Walleck says:

How many times should you repeat each exercise

PhD Nurse Practitioner- SMART Student Nurse Topics says:

I have tendonitis all over my body as a result of COVID. My shoulders are especially painful this week. Thank you for posting these exercises!

Vsk Krish says:

Very useful 👍 Thankyou 🤝

Mohini Purushe says:

What about the calcium deposit on the upper arm?

Renato Lazaro says:

How about in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Mahmud Putin Vladimir says:

Nonsense & bloody exercise 😂

Kate Healy says:

What does it do for a person who has OESTO ARTHRITIS

Kanden says:

I tore my labrum in my left shoulder from baseball. It was so torn that my surgeon had to do a bicep tendinosis and just move the bicep tendon out of the way. Even the rotator cuff was bad.

Also, this video is great! I’ve just been working the wrong muscles and stretching wrong. Just doing a few of these have already worked wonders!!

Lucienne Borg says:

Well done for these demonstrations!!!!

Wilma Maestre says:

Wow so nice work out sir.

Shirley Jaggar says:

I am 87 years old and fell and broke the top of the humerus bone. Spent two months in a care facility. The pain was horrific. I have had Pt and now have OT. I was told because of my health and age it was inoperable. The exercise has helped . I will try some of the ones you have shown. I have fallen several times so my back is hurt and again no surgery. I must use a walker for balance. I so want to get my safe mobility back.

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