60 Second Stretches to Get Knots from Shoulders, Upper Back, & Traps

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrate 60 second stretches you can perform to get rid of those painful Knots in your shoulders, upper back, and traps. Get rid of those trigger points.

0:00 Intro Song
0:09 Intro to video
0:46 Recap of Social Medias
0:55 First Stretch
1:26 Second Stretch
2:26 Third Stretch
3:39 Fourth Stretch
4:08 Overview of when not to do it and what should be happening
4:30 Fifth Stretch
5:30 Hallujah Stretch
6:16 Wall Stretch
7:15 Another Wall Stretch
7:38 Stretch with ball
8:31 Foam roller stretch
10:19 Finishing up with Products
11:33 Outro Banter

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Alicia Okane says:

So, I have pretty bad neck, shoulder and upper back pain. This week is was pretty intense at work, and I came home today falling apart. I was going through YouTube and came across this video. I went through and got to the third stretch at 3:05 – I couldn’t get any relief, or feel much of anything. I asked my boyfriend to pull on the towel for me while I hung my head back. My neck popped more times than thought humanly possible. I was sitting on the floor while he did it, and nearly lifted my entire body off the floor by my neck with that towel lol. I swear I had INSTANT results. The pain in my neck was less than I have felt in years. I cannot believe how much it helped 😭😭 I know it’s not EXACTLY how you advised to do it, and in hindsight maybe not the smartest thing to do, but I’m just so glad I found your video. Thank you 🥹 and sorry for this long comment 🫣

Julie Robinson says:

Thanks guys! I really needed these to help my neck problem which is causing me migraines!!

Mr Panda Bear Official Channel says:

Are these guys practising from a kitchen

Curtis Reynolds says:

This is a bad idea watching this drunk

Titan9m says:

I though I was looking at Joe Montana for a second!

I4NI Sounds says:

legends, you're both awesome but that theme song thing gets me everytime🤣

Andrew Lyon says:

Love the stretches and love the banter! Thank you from Taiwan 🇹🇼

flx99 says:

Nice intro, simple but effective. 10/10

Jesseshera • says:

This was super helpful, you two are so funny made it entertaining

Sheryl Espenshade says:

Hi,could you direct me to where I could I buy a soft ball for back extensions? And what would be the proper size?

Cowboy Blaze says:

You can stretch, massage and PT all you want, but if your not structurally in alignment you will keep reinjuring yourself. The gold standard isn't PT its a Chiropractor that can do just more than neck and spine adjustments but also limb adjustments like foot, knee, elbow plus shoulder etc. Dry needling with ultrasound to keep adhesions from coming back is important too. Start at your base. If you have a foot, knee, hip that's out of alignment start with that and work your way up. A foundation that is off can cause pain and problems that lead from your foot all the way up to your neck.

fixed game says:

Ace and Gary

May H says:

The intro song is so cheesy but I like it

Yvette Sepulveda says:

Never fails ,if I am in pain and watch your youtubes videos,and do what you say,then boom the pain is so much better… Thank you so much !!

Soulful Journey says:

Thank you for this helpful video 🙂

Lee Ann Steinmetz says:

Lotta clicking going on in the neck with that second one!

Christine Erasmus says:

Fantastic exercises – thank you and you two are so funny!!!!

Johnny Sizemore says:

I'did the elbows above the head and passed out . Be careful

Dropped On My Head says:

Bob reminds me of Egon from the Ghostbuster movies.

kylie says:

Bob and Brad are the best 🙂

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