Zumba for Seniors | 12 Mins | Fit Over 50 | Fun Songs!

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Start the year strong with this 12-minute dance fitness routine for seniors! You will feel like you’re part of a live class and the music will definitely get you out of your seat. Enjoy!

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Remember to take it at your own pace and comfort level – be sure to consult a doctor before starting any exercise routine. If you like what you see, hit the subscribe and like buttons, and feel free to leave any feedback in the comments section!

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Heidi Willis says:

looks terrible, no rhythm, music doesn’t coordinate with movement

Nery Martinez says:

Wow to fast 🤦🏽‍♀️😌😌😌

Joan Ford says:

Too fast for me!

Leoda Swift says:

Yes too fast for beginners!

Heidi Torp Jørgensen says:

Too fast for the poor seniors. Slow down girl

Helen Goor says:

Excellent instructor

DNC NEWS. says:

Very nice use full to senior citizens tq …..

Maryann Queen says:

The one with Blue white dress and sunglasses is in her own world!!!!!

azza Hussein says:

I like it.. I am 65.. 🏃‍♀️💃

Rebecca Rivas says:

Sorry but the instructor cannot keep up with the music

hill8018 says:

This was perfect! You can go at your own pace. March in place if tempo is too fast and catch up when you can!! ❤️

Daniel Craig says:

A great draw by India is being played out in the background

Ferina’s kitchen says:

Music is too fast especially for seniors

Greeneguy1963 says:

I watched this and worked out with you! 57 here and it was a good workout. I thought that was baseball on the TV..then I realized it was Cricket!

Tenna Kardell says:

Music to fast, for seniors, and tempo no one can dance to! 🤔

H H says:

My mom loves your class – me too!

Lauren B. Davis says:

If only the instructor could stay on tempo.

Sherry Von says:

I've seen and worked out through many youtube cardio videos. This was mediocre so I will give the cons first: for the first song, the instructor was out of step with the music part of the time, same with the last song. The lady who was closest to the camera in blue pants and blue and white top could hardly move to this fast paced group of steps and after the first song could no longer be seen in the video. This was a moderately fast pace for any age group and no one I saw in this group was able to keep up with most of the steps. It's hard enough as a senior to keep up your confidence and head together with a much younger instructor who is able bodied but add the fact that the instructor was going very fast with sudden changing of steps. In the place of any of the seniors I saw here, I would have been disheartened and dissatisfied, mostly because of the pace. Pros: very good music, motivated instructor who was well prepared as she didnt flounder but comfortably and smoothly went through the session.

Vlm0325 says:

Thank you for sharing this with us!

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