SENIOR/BEGINNER 1-hour workout…easy to do exercises at home

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This is another ONE HOUR interval training class – it has different exercises. Pace yourself and have fun with it. If there are exercises that you are not ready for, just march in place during it, or sit and rest. Each exercise is about a minute long. A water bottle, pair of hand weights, chair, and step are helpful if you have these nearby. ENJOY!!

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Welcome to Jenny Fit Start! Any fitness program can pose some potential risks to health and safety. To reduce or avoid injury, please consult your doctor before starting this video or any other exercise program. You perform these exercises at your own risk. If you experience any shortness or breath, light headedness, or pain, stop and seek assistance from your doctor. By continuing with this video, you understand and accept the risks of injury and/or illness that could occur during participation of this video. You agree to accept full responsibility for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use or misuse of any of the information on this video.


mccord1985 says:

Love the program but find the “echo” of the gymnasium and music distracting.

Julie Chen says:


Elaine McMullen says:

One of my favorite workouts! 🙂 How does one become more disciplined ,it’s always hit or miss for me. I was more disciplined when I was younger and not retired. I always found time to go to ymca classes and I was busier than I am now. 😐

Rochelle Reea says:

great!!!! I hope to use this in my gym! with seniors.

Suzette Yu says:

Jenny i like you style its like a little bit of dancing fitness at the sametime 😍

R.C. says:

I've done a lot of your workouts, but this one has got to be one of the most challenging working the whole body at an easy to follow speed. Thank you. God bless. : ) 🤩


fantastica clase gracias jenny

Elaine McMullen says:

Intense at times but still one of my favorite videos. ❤️‍🔥

Goctalis says:

Thanks a lot!

Lilian Velasco says:

I enjoy your exercise steps For senior it helps alot for me experienced to have been a right hemipligia Stroke tnx so much


Please repost this video

Sandra Solomon says:

I’m so glad I found you. What a fun yet challenging workout. Tons of options with emphasis on posture and control. Explanations on what muscles you’re working make you feel like you’ve worked your brain as well. My new friend!

Enikő Zsisku says:

Helena Dw says:

Thankyou Jenny very nice

Elaine McMullen says:

Happy Last Day of the Year 2021!

DM J says:

This is fun! Thanks Jenny

Elaine McMullen says:

Merry Christmas to you !

Elaine McMullen says:

Good workout ! Thank you for helping me to start off my day!

Alicia Domingo says:

Thank you Jenny for posting this workout, it’s a big help ❤️

Vivian Lu says:

Feel good after your workout thanks Jenny

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