Patellar Tendinopathy Rehabilitation | Jumper's Knee Rehab

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Patellar Tendinopathy Rehabilitation | Jumper’s Knee Rehab

00:00 Opener
00:23 intro
03:13 Stage 1 Isometrics
04:44 Stage 2 Isotonics
06:17 Stage 3 Energy Storage Exercises
08:45 Stage 4
09:47 Outro

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🎶 Intro/Outro Track: Pharien – What You Say
This is not medical advice! The content is intended to be educational only for health professionals and students. If you are a patient, seek care of a health care professional.


football game iceland says:

how many days i should be in stage 1 so i can move to stage 2 please ?

Robin Clint says:

Bro while attempting jump round house kick I got knee injury.
It was terrific as I felt something been slipping inside the knee,
Moreover immediately after attempting standing up I felt like slippage of tibia from knee cap

Physical Therapy Doc — Vlad Madorsky, CPT, CSCS says:

This is great to know. I'm in my 3rd year of DPT school right now and we were taught that the traditional method of eccentric loading is the preferred treatment for tendinopathy. Very interesting!

Tyler says:

I’ve had jumpers knee for over 2 years and playing basketball hurts so bad but I’m not gonna stop so I hope this works

cherryl says:

question: i was doing so well and the pain was disappearing for all light activities, then managed to miss 2 steps on the way down the stairs, in which one knee took the brunt. it only hurt the next day. for about 3 days to now, the pain has been consistently a dull 1 or 2 and i cant even stand up or sit down without it panging unless i do so slowly. have i set my progress back?

Rgasta says:

I had knee tendonitis that forced me to stop any activity. I was able to go back running after 6 long months. Then after 4 months of running the pain come back and I had to stop again. 😥. Its really depressing. What can be done to cure this problem for good?

Marla Bronstein says:

Since I’ve now been diagnosed with gluteal tendinopathy, meralgia paristhetica, and
Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome in Addition to Patellar Tendonitis/Tendonopathy, I can’t do all of your exercises. Do you have modifications??

James Mumphy says:

How did you know when to go to stage 2?

cherryl says:

this is so good in structure, instruction and presentation aesthetic. i just moved from bodyweight eccentrics to heavy isotonics and i notice a positive difference after the first session. mine is in both knees; my right started with tendonopathy, then my left developed it for doing the work of both legs up and down stairs for a month. i see myself doing sprints and box jumps in no time

Parvez Akhter says:

Great video, very comprehensive. I'm suffering at the moment so will definitely try this.

Nicholas Mehring says:

Sorry if I missed this in the video, bud can someone let me know what the indication was to go from stage 1 to 2? Thank you!

2G says:

Man, I was stressed out thinking that I wouldn't be able to get better soon and return to volleyball but after watching this video, my leg performance has improved greatly. I'm currently towards the end of my isotonics stage and my legs have improved from the 2 weeks of beginning these exercises with the isometric leg extensions being the exercise that helped me most. Thank you very much!

Beyza Koca says:

Which famous athletes see this injury? Can you help me

Saige Nightmare says:

Dislocated both of my patellas any advice

R MO says:

Ive watched atleast a hundred of these videos in dealing with this acursed disease…this is possibly the best one. The most concise and thorough video there is that covers from the pathology to the full rehab process while providing evidence.

Storm Holloway says:

Do you do these on the sore knee ?

Diego Aldrete says:

This is pure gold! Thanks a lot for the great content guys!

Zaine Chia says:

How long should I do stage 1 and stage 2 for before going into stage 3? If i experience pain trying to do stage 3, does that mean my body is still not ready for stage 3 yet? Cheers, Zaine.

Lexie Kornas says:

What reps and sets do you choose for the acceleration/change of direction drills? What factors affect the choice of reps and sets for these?
Many thanks,

Doeke B says:

Hi there, Are there any guidelines for hamstring and calf training in patients with diagnosed jumper's knee?

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