Best At HOME Exercises For 50 and Over, Improve Health, Strength & Balance, No Equipment Needed

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Best At HOME Exercises For 50 and Over, Improve Health, Strength & Balance, No Equipment Needed

Bob & Brad demonstrate the best home exercises for people 50 and over.

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Annabeth Downer says:

I thought the exercises were simple yet effective. Thanks Bob & Brad 😉👌

Wariatkaa says:

gud film bob

Wariatkaa says:

siema bobson


Sticking to the basics is by far the safest and most effective method of exercise known to mankind. Before launching my career in the fitness industry as a trainer and nutritionist, my back was falling apart during my college years – That was eons ago!! Given the fact I had crippling back spasms, sticking to safe core workouts and simple push / pull routines, helped me strengthen my back and build the physique I have today at 50!! Keying in on nutrition and making sure that's on point coupled w/ safe, simple consistent exercises can go a long way!! Satay STRONG, my dear amigos!!

Susan Peterson says:

Love you guys and your videos! From the quotes and jingle at the beginning, so uplifting, the exercises, good nature and humor make us feel better in every way! Very grateful for you guys!

Barbara H says:

Will the hat make the workout more effective? I do a lot of these waiting for the washing machine to finish. Good stuff!

Dwayne the Fitness Guy says:

Hi Guys great show! I'm a new fitness motivator content creator. I'm making fun mini documentaries and reviews on new fitness ideas for the above 40 crowd, please check it out I would love to see what you may think. I have a mini doc on "Buying a dumbell, walking 3K in Walmart, Snowshoeing in Canada's largest city park and I recently finished "Review of LA|Fitness, from a gym rat perspective.

A Taylor says:

I swear I heard Braditude too!!

James Barley says:

At 67 this workout felt great, thank you both!

Moshe Bigelow says:

I love you guys, thank you for all you give and do for others

Jesse Echavarria says:

You guys are great Thanks. Im 51 gonna recommend you two to my father. Hes 78.🤗



sivagnanam arumugam says:

Hai two young guys, congratulations both of you I am expecting more than these exercises.

Ghaneemah A says:

Very good exercises THANKS 🙏 GOD BLESS 👏💐

Colleen Clinton says:

I I enjoy your exercise 50 and over 55 I need to get healthy for my grandchildren and myself

Helena Lalsawmkimi says:

Talk too much

Alternative Health and Beauty says:

Thanks for this helpful video.

Cindy says:

Thank you Bob and Brad for the videos with a chuckle or two too.. I have learned alot and feel younger!!!

Margaret Sancaster says:

good stuff xx

rocker 76m/ says:

I'm 57 yrs young, and just discovered your channel. Looking forward to watching your videos.

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