15 Minutes of Continuous Dance Workout | Senior Fitness | Zumba Gold

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Hi Guys, let’s have fun with Myrna dancing her fun choreos to great music. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workout. Listen to your body, take breaks if needed. Challenge yourself, but don’t hurt yourself, love yourself and treat yourself to a little dancing! If you don’t, who will, lol?

Original dance choreo used for dance fitness. We do not own the rights to these songs and use them for educational purposes only under the Copyright Fair Use Act.

See Notices and Disclaimers in our “About” section of our channel.

Now Let’s Dance!


Patricia Ackley says:

Thanks for your Zumba workout. It was fun.

Eldefonsa Aron says:

Wow i liked it very much very grscefull all,

Adriana Pusztai says:

Love this, your enthusiasm is contagious. I will definately do this very regularly. God bless you. I lOVE this music. Woohoooo 😊

Meryl Bandayrel says:

thanks Myrna for sharing, very inspiring to watch. Love your dance choreo. I am one of your subscriber now. I love to watch more of your dance choreo. Many thanks!

Jonna Encorporado says:

Thank you so much for making this video.. I got inspired dancing while watching… I really love this kind of dance exercise.. The music and choreography are just fantastic.. Since I come across your channel I been following. your videos…

Sulita Ravoce says:

Wow ..love the move

Colleen Olson says:

Love this!! Great fun and workout…..just what this 74 year old needed!!

Paul Williamson says:

OOO. Where have you been? You just came up on my feed now. I loved it.

Noodle Lee Doo says:

I want to be like Myrna when I'm older. ❤🥰

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