15 Min Senior Workout At Home – Over 60s and 70s Exercises

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Today’s video workout is a collection of exercises that seniors can easily do at home and it’s just 15 minutes long!

Being active and mobile is a very important aspect of the day to day life so let’s make sure we keep our bodies in the best shape possible by performing these simple body-weight exercises!

Let’s begin!

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00:00 Body Twists
00:34 Arm Rotations Back
01:29 Rest
02:02 Arm Rotations Front
02:57 Rest
03:29 High Knee Chops Right
04:10 High Knee Chops Left
04:53 Rest
05:25 Hip Swirls
05:58 Rest
06:30 Prayer Pushes
07:19 Rest
07:52 Step Touch
08:32 Rest
09:05 Victory Lunge Left
09:58 Victory Lunge Right
10:53 Rest
11:30 Rock The Boat
12:19 Rest
12:57 Overhead Reach
13:32 Rest
14:09 Body Twists
14:44 Arm Rotations Back


Florita Chico says:

Finally, me and my husband found the daily routine exercise perfect to our needs, thank you so much!

Marie DE proft says:

Super mais je voudrais en français

Marilyn Blumenthal says:

Interesting and excellent workout! I'm almost 78 and it's just perfect for me.

SunStar Kirby says:

Program good….a senior I am….do not care for the music….perhaps you could have some music more in tune with the older folks? Would be fun to exercise to the "oldies". Thanks for what you do

Sheila SW boyle says:

Great to be back. Had a flare up just getting back on track. 👍

Sheila SW boyle says:

Love your exercise programme.
Thank you

Tam Momma says:

I am 35 and not particularly out of shape; but not much muscle, and I love your clean cut feel good all over workouts! I am even sweating some from these but they were totally manageable!

teresia nyokabi says:

Thanks a lot have been waiting …

madhura popalghat says:

Love your videos I will encourage my grandma for this and thanks to Roberta too me and my daughter r in shape BC of her

amna mohsin says:

U r the one who care of every age people’s ♥️❤️love u

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