The 5 BEST Exercises For Golfer's Elbow (Evidence Based)

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What are the best stretches, strengthening, or other kinds of movements for golfer’s elbow? Well we’d make a strong argument that these 5 are the best! These 5 are based on a review of the current research on golfer’s elbow and the various factors that are associated with it.

Utilizing these 5 exercises you’ll address the local capacity of the tissues around the medial epicondyle, while also developing the entire kinetic chain, maximizing upper body function that may contribute to the function of the medial elbow structures.

If you think there are other movements that we should classify as “best” exercises for it, comment down below and let us know what you think!

As well, tell us in the comments what kind of pathology or condition you’d like us to cover the best exercises for in the future!

Introduction (0:00)
Exercise 1 – 2:08
Exercise 2- 3:57
Exercise 3 – 5:50
Explaining Shoulder Muscle Overlap – 7:19
Exercise 4 – 8:43
Exercise 5 – 9:55
Summary – 10:45
Disclaimer: The information presented is not intended as medical advice or to be a substitute for medical counseling but intended for entertainment purposes only. If you are experiencing pain, please seek the appropriate healthcare professional.


pow shredder says:

lol that golf swing though haha

Tom North says:

Thankyou for this video. A couple years ago I started to experience tennis and golfers elbow. I’m a carpenter and obviously my hammering doesn’t help, but also the constant squeeze of using my nail gun, really agitated my tennis and golfers elbow. I’m going to adopt this videos stretches and exercises and hopefully the pain will reduce in my left arm.

It’s a constant ache all day everyday not hugely painful but just always there. It’s tiring actually and gets me in a bad mood I feel. Annoying cus I love my job but now I get pain from my job too.

I really hope these exercises help.

Many thanks

Tom North

HK Boba says:

Have golfers elbow from a jiu jitsu accident. Been about 3 weeks but still feeling a bit of pain. Hopefully this helps 🙏 thanks for posting!

L K says:

I have that pain when doing shoulder external rotation and feel something like a muscle move

Scorpioman1964 says:

Great Legs doctor Sam ….and shorts 😍

Bryan Oldenburg says:

I think I developed golfer's elbow specifically from ramping up my reps on the manual bench press, plus ramping up my pushup reps. I laid off a couple weeks, icing the area, and it seemed to appear again when I resumed. I'm trying your exercises, but am curious how long should I hold off before attempting the gym again? Thanks much!

Blackberry405 says:

How many sets for each exercise?
How many times per day or how many days per week?

Pavan Kumar71 says:

Hi sir my elbow is not fully back range of motion.recently four months back,I had completed my elbow surgery in dislocation and right hand elbow is not fully straightening and flexion.please post me elbow flexion and straightening exercises videos

R K says:

Thanks for the video will try out

Davey T says:

Motorcycle clutching is doing it for me.

LeeAnn Lanham says:

I'm a CNA and I have golfers elbow from lifting my patients. These exercises are really helpful with relieving the pain!

DFKnightmare says:

How often should these be done?

Damian Ruddock says:

Great video guys. Thank you

ivan ivanov says:

Есть русский перевод ?

White Alhaidari says:

Thank u so much! Im so grateful for the exercises and all the research u've should god bless u all!

Kinga Gorski says:

Looking forward to trying some of these out – thanks!

Josh Woodyard says:

I'm surprised not to see the Theraband Flexbar exercise listed here.

Travel America with Bill and Yodi says:

How much pain is acceptable while doing the 2 main rotation exercises?

Jody Roper says:

That golf swing is going to cause more problems than elbow pain.

Danilo Herrera says:

so far, only tried the first 2 exercises, and man, what a difference! and it's only been 1 week!! very excited about the path forward 🙂 i was skeptic because these are so seemingly simple. thank you so much.

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