Tennis Elbow? Absolute Best Self-Treatment, Exercises, & Stretches.

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present the absolute best self-treatment, exercises, and stretches for tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis. Based upon Bob and Brad’s combined 50 years of experience these are the best answer to get rid of your tennis elbow pain.

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Marc Marc says:

Yeah but how can I avoid this from happening again and does it mean I can not play tennis. Also could certain meds cause this too because I don’t think I used it lot in tennis.

Molly H says:

I don’t know if these two are from Wisconsin, but they’re like the Charlie Berens’ of PT. 😆

Chris says:

Good video. I was married to a PT for twenty years, but since she left, I’ve had to DIY my injuries 😆

Mike Amara says:

yeah im finished…a&e didnt help so i needed this

Aal-E-Ahmad Hussain says:

Should we only do the exercises straight after ice massage?

Charlene Layhew says:

Wish I knew you guys 30 years ago when I had tennis elbow and it hurt just to pick up a shaker of salt. But my then husband said he was sick to death of hearing me complain, so I had to suffer in silence after that. Time is what cured me but it took a good year.

cong san says:

I got a nagging tennis elbow for months. I will try your methods to see any improvement. Thanks.

jakobson says:

The exercise at 9:17 with the desk seems to be one for golfer's elbow, for tennis elbow you have to press your hand down knuckles down not palm up.

Mike K says:

I started my tennis elbow yesterday. I didn’t know I had tennis elbow but I woke up at midnight with a lot of pain. I started googling and realized it’s tennis elbow. All the medical websites said it would take 6 months to 2 years to heal. My heart was broken when I read this. Stumbled across this video and my pain is literally going away with these exercises. And I’m convinced this is the way to heal my elbow quicker than 6 months. I just have to keep at it. You have cured my broken heart. You guys are my hero’s! I couldn’t thank you guys enough!!!

I hope the best for Bob and his condition! I’m sorry to hear that.

Ian Doran says:

Amazing! – doing these exercises along with watching the video, just once, has help enormously with pain relief. I genuinely couldn't believe it and will be doing these regularly!

The health key Zhao says:

Sweepers1234 says:

That massage one felt really good. Going to use most of these for help.

Badosef says:

I fell down and hit the lateral bone that protrudes next to the elbow, the part that seems to protect the funny bone. But I wonder of any of this will help or if I just need to wait. None doesn't seem broken or anything just hurts when I grab things and pick it up, even a soda from my cup holder.

Thus Marshal says:

I have it in both arms from arm wrestling and basketball it hurts once in a while but I have found that it recovers in about 3 bays to perfectly normal but the initial pain is unbearable

nazim husain says:

Hi Bob and Brad – thanks for your videos, can you help with some exercises for the front part of the forearm where we have the elbow band..

Steve Neil says:

Very good video. Just saw another with "5 best exercises" …. However, I just redeveloped my ongoing tennis elbow (from weightlifting) and I have too much pain in the left elbow to start with dumbells.
SUGGESTION: I would like to see a critique of other videos on same topic, as many in bodybuilding do. It can be professional without ragging on someone, but these critique videos can be, not just entertaining, but highly helpful and prevent you from following something that was not explained well enough to be helpful and might even set you back.

Kay-Dee Agonoy says:

Where have you two been my whole life!

Seriously, though. As someone who has been in physical therapy that felt pointless (the movements were fine but I saw no relief even after months of 3x a day and repeated sessions weekly for 2 months. Granted that issue was unrelated to this videos topic but I now find I have tennis elbow and am hesitant to go back to physical therapy. Decided to search in YouTube and bam. There you amazing people are. I already feel a little relief and now want to go search through all your videos. Adding these to my routine.

Thank you from a new subscriber. 💗

Choscura says:

Oh hey, another subscription the all-knowing idiots at youtube removed from my roster! Keep up the good work guys!

roisindubh02 says:

Thank you!! I looked this up tonight after suffering from tennis elbow for the last few weeks.

itzyfan88 - Chess / Halo player & K-Pop ITZY Fan says:

You guys have helped me with quite a few injuries and minor tweaks. Thanks!

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