Stretching Exercises for Achilles Tendonitis or Tendinopathy

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In this video Alison explains why it may be best if you avoid calf stretches when you have Achilles tendinopathy or tendonitis. This video is part of the Achilles exercise series where she discusses how different types of exercises can help or hinder your recovery from Achilles tendonitis.

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Faith Bocas says:

Thank you, my achilles was injured like this in the summer from a lot of running, my job requires this, is there anyway to prevent this from happening this year? my achilles hurt so bad i thought i fractured my ankle, it still sometimes bothers me. if you have any tips so i can work as much as possible that would be great.

Marjan says:

So if heavy loaded squats are in part of my training i should avoid it because it’s compression on my achilles bc of dorsiflexion

farhan says:

Was doing the wrong stretching for Achilles the hands ahead and stretching and felt souring Achilles after few hours thnx for the info once again

Sameena Sandhu says:

why does this video not show how to do the excercises?

Jiří Kadlec says:

Is doing the downward-facing-dog yoga position OK while recovering from insertional achilles issue?

Iris Renate says:

You should show the exercises , not only to talk.

Lulu says:

thanks for the info.


Good work ! Keep it up 😉

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