Knee Osteoarthritis / Wear & Tear – What Exercises To Do

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Have you been told that you have some arthritis in your knee or “wear and tear”? In this video, Steph explains what happens in a knee joint and why we get osteoarthritis. She also discusses exercise and how to decide what exercise is best to do for your knee’s arthritis.

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Rajeev K says:

Excellent video

Rajeev K says:

Excellent video

Zikomo says:

The doctor I went to after dull knee pain that won't go away, told me I have OA of knee from an Xray, yet it is only mild at best(even that is pushing it), there is not much space narrowing. I have always been a bit overweight, played soccer for a year, then did lots of jumprope on hard surface, sometimes I did'nt sleep much, yet I still think It can't be OA, and must be some different issue.

For instance, my left patella (I have pain mostly in left knee only, and ironically the spacing is less on right one, lol) tends to grind/grate(felt by placing hand)/pop only when exteding the knee and occurs at a particular angle.


great info!! for knee pain or issues i use the vibration platform its been a game changer..i did a video on it as aunt put me on to vibration plates and ive loved them ever since

Dawn S. says:

Very good advice! After 24 weeks and 2 physical therapists wasting my time and money I gave up and decided to do exactly what you mentioned. Building core, glutes etc. It's working some. Now to figure out how to get rid of the tight muscles on the side of the knee caps. I have been on a walker and not been out of the house in 8 months because I can't go down the stairs. I can now walk 10 feet without the walker, so I am hopeful.

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