Knee Osteoarthritis and Physiotherapy Management – SingHealth Healthy Living Series

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Learn how to manage knee osteoarthritis with appropriate exercises and advice from our physiotherapists.

This video is brought to you by Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

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Bien Natividad says:

Salamat singheath

P says:

Clear instructions and demonstrations.

WordWide says:

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Citizen says:

Brisk walking?.

Мария Лодыгина says:

Good channel! A lot of useful information!👍😀

Pateck Aaron says:

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Teck Guan Chan says:

Arthritis is an incurable disease. These exercises are useful in that they helped to strengthen your knee muscles and reduce pain. Overtime some may need knee surgery. If you are lucky, you dont need to.

Blake Shelton says:

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balarabe ali ismail says:

Thanks for the tip

ria rkp says:

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Ginika Chukwu says:

What are drugs or medication for stroke patience. I'm a phisiotherapist I need drugs for my patience

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Linda Morgey says:

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Dr. Roshan Jha says:

Such a very helpful and informative video. Thank you so much for sharing!


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