5 Simple Exercises for Knee Osteoarthritis- At Home

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: 5 Simple Exercises for Knee Osteoarthritis- At Home

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WordWide says:

Best knee OA Relief and management


Heather Black says:

Thank you so very much.

selvalakshmi says:

Before 2 months my mother get slipped and fell down..she hitted in right knees..so that ne can't able to fold the leg and also not able to sit in Indian toilet and can't able stand and walk for a long time..pls tell Me the reason and treatment

Robyn Grame says:

I had a fall and its made my arthritis worse very painful and throbs after walking to much

Kathleen Anne Whitton says:

My whole body aches from osteoarthritis I am going to try this.

Moving Towards a Healthier Lifestyle says:

Hi. I was wondering, what's the youngest patient you've had that has had OA of the knee? I'm just about to turn 41 and the OA in my left knee is soooo painful. The doctor won't do a knee replacement until I get my BMI to 41 or lower, which will take some doing. But with the OA it makes exercising exceedingly painful. I only just watched this, so haven't tried the exercises yet, but I plan to do so. One other question, what if your knee doesn't want to bend the way you want it to in order to do these exercises?

krublee says:

thank you. watching from Alaska. kathy

gracefulfish says:

Cheaper than a knee glide, is having legs short enough that you can sit in certain chairs and have your feet not reach the floor! 😉

Tereza Shortall says:

I like your exercises, but far too much chat/self-promotion – life's too short! Please cut the verbiage!

Rohini Jain says:

First workout is like leg extension so should I do extension I'm gym bug but I have OA in left knee should I stop gng to the gym or should I continue ?

Pardeep Chopra says:

Thanks for this information; I had osteoarthritis from last 10 years, taking treatment from planet Ayurveda from last 4 months. very happy to tell you that i am fine. Recommend you all to take joint support pack and get yourself free from diseases

Vinay kumar says:

hello ma'am your video is really nice.. my grandfather is suffering from osteoarthritis and he was in a very painful condition until he tried planet ayurveda medication .. after trying this he felt really fine and also had observed improvement in his condition..

Holde Schneider says:

Can cartilage grow back, and can you do or take something to help the process. I am taking Glucosamine now. Is that useful?

mabon davis says:

hello SIR, very informative video on osteoarthritis. my freind's sister was also suffering from this condition. she visited many hospitals but didn't get relief. at last, she came to know about planet Ayurveda. she visited there, they gave her a joint support pack. now she is recovering.

Paula’s Tea and Things says:

I had a total knee replacement. The knee glide would have been fantastic. I did figure out for myself that using a porch glider was useful in getting my range of motion back. I will be purchasing one of your knee glides soon.

Lorena M.L. says:

Great video and advice.
Start watching at 3:23 for exercises

eileen locke says:

Thank u from uk il try these

Sandra Kelley says:

Where can I purchased a knee glide from.

Debbie. D. A. says:

Hoping someone can answer. I have osteoporosis in knees. Very painful at times.
No gym now due to COVID-19. Which would be beneficial, indoor bike or rowing machine???

Urgent Email says:

Whats best pain cream for this pain

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