Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises – 5 Minute Real Time Routine

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These shoulder pain relief exercises are great for helping to relieve general shoulder pain and shoulder tightness. The shoulder exercises are done in real time, so it’s easy to follow along with the routine. Buy a worksheet with these shoulder exercises:

These shoulder exercises start off with a warm-up including shoulder circles, arm circles, and shoulder Ts. These will get the shoulder muscles warm and loose.

Next, exercising the shoulder in different directions will help target different muscles around the shoulder. Shoulder flexion, shoulder abduction, and shoulder scaption are great simple ways to strengthen the rotator cuff and other muscles around the shoulder.

Finally, shoulder squeezes and shoulder shrugs will help strengthen the shoulder, neck, and upper back muscles.

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Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises – 5 Minute Real Time Routine:

00:00 – Realtime Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises
00:24 – Warmup – Shoulder Circles
00:40 – Warmup – Arm Circles
00:55 – Warmup – Shoulder Ts

01:10 – Shoulder Flexion

02:21 – Shoulder Abduction
03:46 – Shoulder Scaption

05:13 – Shoulder Squeezes

06:37 – Shoulder Shrugs

DISCLAIMER: This content (the video, description, links, and comments) is not medical advice or a personalized treatment plan and is intended for general education and demonstration purposes only. Perform the moves in this content at your own risk. These moves may not be appropriate for your specific situation, so get approval and guidance from your own healthcare provider before beginning. If anything is painful or doesn’t feel right, stop immediately and contact your healthcare provider.

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AskDoctorJo says:

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Bita B says:

Hi doctor, you are great. Your explanation is apprehensible and admirable. I suffer from vertebra hemangioma; is there any stretch or exercise for this issue? Thank you in advance🌹🙏

Ehtesam Molla says:

amazing from Kolkata

Zen Walks says:

I just come back to this video so often… it’s really helpful and easy to follow. Thanks so much for this!

LivingRight1up. says:

Your vids are amazing – thanks for being you.

bitario723 says:

Wow. Thats all I have to say. Thank you. You've helped me more, way more, than you actually know.

jon green says:

Thanks for your support and help

anna buat says:

Hi Dr Joe just watching your exercises, is this routine good for shoulder impingement??? Or arthritis??? Thank you 😊

Kayden says:

my physical therapist didnt give me many shoulder excercises to increase shoulder mobility following my lumbar fusion last fall. I had my last physical therapy appointment last thursday. I underestimated how much a lumbar fusion would influence shoulder mobility

Akash Singh says:

Hi dr i was in pain for 2 years after twisting my ankle and still i have pain..
So i did my mri scan and the results are..
Mild ankle joint effusion and talar neck focal edema….
Do i need any surgery or it can be fixed by excercises..

19 97 says:

i got ankle sprain turned to knee hip back neck pain ,i not used full foot for month during ankle sprain,i got treated for ankle not ankle joint,which have pain for many months,then after month knee and other parts paining
i consultant many ortho physiotherapist neurologist,some say it's Patellofemoral patellar tendon,some say it causing by back ,i done mri of ls spine report is normal but doctor said it's l5s1 herniated,
i have 24h dull pain in knee what is reason help me
it's been year ,i m 25

galaxy gaming says:

Dr jo my legs not working properly I can't walk properly

Abdishakuur says:

I just completed the quad injury from 9 years ago and it had helped me a lot.

Anil Marakkar says:

Thanks. May I ask you one question, what should the scapula do when we flex our shoulders 90 degree. Should we protract our shoulder blade or keep it normal or should it move naturally according to glenohumeral rythm

Lolwhatajoke says:

hey doctor joe, I'm currently going to physical therapy for a clicking in my hip that's painless. Now however I'm getting similar clicks in my shoulder and my back. These aren't painful but I'm worried that they're all coming at once. I am 36 and lately have been working out less intensely to give my body a rest. I've been stretching more than ever lately trying to keep myself injury free. Do you think these clicks and pops will remain painless? My biggest fear is giving myself pain.

Yolanda Tsang PT - YO AND VAGINIA says:

Hello Dr. Jo and Bumble bear! Squeezing to relax the muscles.. gives so that added awareness! A tip I use on the pelvic floor too! – 'Squeeze let go' – always great information for all! Have a great wekeend! Thanks for sharing! SEE YOU SOON! YO AND VAGINIA 🌸

Robert Mitchell says:

Thank you Dr. Jo.

Lakshmi vlogs and tailoring says:

Please make a video on lung aspiration exercises

Ennzu 1018 says:

Jo can you make a vid for both labrum at 270 agreed 9-12 and Supra tear small but high grade. I can’t do any of this movements yet.

Anthony Sequeira says:

Hi Dr. Jo, I just wanted to thank you for your incredible videos. I was experiencing really bad upper back pain and I had no idea how to stretch that area and sure enough your videos were a godsend keep up the great work! Oh and by the way I watch all the commercials on your channel it’s the least I can do!

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