No 1 Shoulder Impingement Exercises (98% Success Rate!) | FREE Exercise Worksheet!

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In this video, I will share the best Shoulder impingement exercise with you.

This Shoulder Impingement exercise has a 98% success rate!

A 98% success rate, is unheard of when it comes to the effectiveness of shoulder exercises.

Time Stamp

00:00 Introduction
01:30 Basic Anatomy of Shoulder Impingement
02:42 Impingement Tests
04:31 98% Success Rate Exercise
07:37 Infraspinatus Exercise
08:28 Teres Major and Latissimus Dorsi Exercise
I see my role as a teacher, which means I am striving to make myself progressively unnecessary.

“Without knowledge, action is useless and knowledge without action is futile” Abu Bakr

It is my belief, that increasing your understanding of the problem significantly enhances the result of the exercises.

I will therefore try to educate you in the aetiology of shoulder impingements as well.

This brief education should not only enhance your understanding of shoulder impingements but also make the exercises a lot more effective

I will briefly educate you in basic shoulder anatomy.

Next, I will demonstrate two easy tests which will help to determine if the shoulder pain is indeed caused by impingement. If it is, the exercises will be very beneficial for you indeed.

Lastly, I will share a total of three highly effective exercises with you.

The first exercise is a two-parter and has a success rate of 98%

All the exercises have the specific goal to increase the space in the shoulder where the impingement normally takes place. This space is called the Subacromial space.
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Moein says:


Michael Villarreal says:

hello, I know im very late on seeing this video but im 19 and have been having this shoulder problem for about a year and a half now. Iv been struggling because of this shoulder , i havent been able to properly workout i havent worked out my upper body since the longest now and i hate it because of the fact that im so insecure about my body. I go to work and have my momnents where my shoulder is just reallly bothering and it got worse and started spreading to my neck, when i workout its the same exact way my shoulder and neck start to get irritated when i work out my upper body(not so much when i workout arms) . I tried doing to 2 tests from this video to see if it is impingement and my shoulder felt uncomfortable in both positions and my shoulder and neck got irritated for a couple minutes like about 5. I would really like to know if you can help me i any way figure out my problem. Ive been to the doctor ive tried PT and nothing the doctor said he doesnt know what causing my shoulder problems but my doctor never mentioned inpingement. I would love for you to reach out to me and let me know if you think its impingent or something more serious. Cus i cant raise my arm and all and nothing will bother me to much but its an everyday thing with my shoulder problems. Please reach out to me . @Milton Chiropractic Clinic Cambridge

Gumby says:

I severed my long head biceps tendon 20 years ago. I have been trying these hanging exercises, but not more than 30 seconds, once per day. I also workout regularly. Have you seen improvement with a severe long head biceps injury?

umair loveschicken says:

Thank you so much dr I saw video. I have been suffering for a long time with my shoulder issue. These exercises really help almost immediately. Really amazing! Omg can’t believe am ok .Keep up the good work. God bless you really appreciate your time and good advice thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏻

ML Franklin says:

Very clear instructions. I hope to start doing these soon.

Suzanne Trautmann says:

I have a sinus tarsi impingement in my right ankle, would you be so kind give some suggestion how to help by exercising, thank you


great work !

thedata831 says:

Beam me up Scotty.

Umer Shaikh says:

do i have to those weighted exercises both hands if my pain is only in 1 shoulder?

Sam A says:

I can see an ocean of comments that are saying they can feel a difference/feeling relief. Can someone confirm if this completely treated them or didn't work long term for them?

naveen kumar sharma says:

Excellent explanation and exercises. 👍👍👏👏👌👌

anthony mcgrath says:

Just discovered this tonight. I've had ongoing impingement for months now and I can't free it up. I do calisthenics so it's really infuriating as It's inhibiting my progression and harder exercises. The hanging I'm good at.. I can do minutes of that.. the dumbells I'm gonna try regularly but the last exercise behind back with the band I never thought to do and even doing that without a band make a noticeable difference. I'm gonna try all of this throughout July and see how I get on. Thankyou for this. Subscribed 👍
nw Uk based

Roberto Flo says:

4 "new" exercises for my impinged left shoulder. Thank you

Mike White says:

Thank you for this super-helpful video, which helped me tremendously. I was suffering badly from impingement in my right shoulder. After first watching innumerable useless Youtube videos on shoulder pain, I came across this video and I've been hanging every day for several month now. My sore shoulder, although not yet fully healed, is very much improved.

Vidar Jensvoll says:

Thank you from Norway. Excellent !!! ⚘️

Hertog von Berkshire says:

1:58 In the video, everything looks normal. It's not clear what gets trapped or where.

jay kay says:

Initially, I was not able to do the hanging from the beam exercise due to the pain in the shoulder, I have been doing the other exercises daily for about a year, now 2 years later I can do the beam exercise and shoulder pain is cured thanks to these exercises. Thank you Doctor!

Marcus Ochoa says:

Thanks for the video… I have a few questions… How many sets of the hangs should I do?… And should I do this routine everyday, or should I throw in some rest days??

Southern Star Resources says:


john k says:

Excellent, thank you! Already some improvement after a few days.

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