Knee Pain While Squatting (FULL EVALUATION & FIX)

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Knee pain while squatting, evaluation and fix.

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In this video, I show the full evaluation and fix of a patient of mine who was dealing with knee pain. Assessment showed she was dealing with limited tibial rotation on her painful side. This would be classified as a biomechanical dysfunction with an underlying mobility deficit rather than patellofemoral knee pain (as this common diagnosis does nothing to let us know the exact path to take to fix the issue).


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Squat University says:

Are you dealing with an injury/pain? Let me know and I'll try to make content to help you!

Ange Los says:

Those squats in the end though, were bad

Danielle LaBOARD says:

This i amazing! Can you please do this same video but with knee pain related to poor hip mobility?!?!

Bobby says:

I physically can’t go as far with the left ankle because of an injury. But both my knees hurt. Should I get squatting shoes? Stop high bar squats?
I’ve tried everything on the ankle and it will not dorsi flex as far as the healthy one no matter what I do

Susan Haumeder says:

Amazing! Just what I needed!

Ivan Cespedes says:

Can you make a video of how to address/asses hip mobility/pain. I have not squated in years and now i have some knee pain along with some hip pain sometimes. And as mentioned here, each of those only happen in one side

Augusto Ribeiro e Silva says:

The best YouTube channel ever

Tony Tähti says:

Could use some more info the pain that is back side of the knee.

Issebel Wolmarans says:

I came across your channel about a week ago and found it very helpful. I was wondering if you have any advice on squatting with knock knees? My Doctor and physio therapists say that I should not squat at all or if I do not to squat deep. I've been doing exercises to strengthen my glutes, hamstrings, adductor and abductor muscles to try and rely on them more when squatting just to take the strain off my knees… obviously having stronger or tight adductor muscles will only pull my knees in more so I have to balance that out perfectly, but I'm at a point where my knees are starting to pain slightly and I've had crackling sounds in my knees since childhood


So nicely explained. Thank you 👍

Shannon Arell says:

Crazy! This is my right Tib/ankle situation exactly ! Soooosooosoo many years undiagnosed / no coaches or teachers paying enough attention to call me Out on my ' cheating'.
Guess What?
I'm sure you guessed.
LEFT hip torn 💥
I always knew the right one didn't work very well, but did not anticipate the 💥from years of dramatic imbalance.
Regardless I'm happy to know now &
Must work on this ankle/Tib daily each morning.
The 1st exercise with band under toe is new to me & I'm excited to try it! Thank you!!thank you!!

João Leal says:

Could you do a series on evaluation and assessment with treatment and the clinical logic behind it? Basically do more exercises like this one! Loved it, in Brazil physio university does not teach us things like this

Dennis K. says:

Cant tell you how many clients had knee pain because of tibial rotation restrictions. Exercises like these are criminally underrated and underperformed. I had so many clients that sought out physio´s and none of them assesed or adressed tibial rotation.
Everyone watching this , should know that this channel is the real deal.
Btw , you latest book is a banger!

Tiaan v H says:

I bet all your clients go directly to the gym after a session with you, hitting some new squat PR's 🤣

Lincoln says:

Hi Dr. Aaron. I've been having problems with my squats for the last few months. While squatting with the bar alone, I feel this pain around my left groin whenever I come out of the hole. The descent is fine and so is the pause at the bottom, but the concentric part of the lift is so intense that my body leans over toward the right leg. My physio diagnosed me with scoliosis and managed to fix it, now I'm slightly leaning over but still have have this tremendous pain. Any idea what could be the causes? I feel like it has something to do with the groin cause I can slightly feel the tightness and pain during the day.

Mattias Arvidsson says:

and her wallet is 15000 dollar lighter :´ D

Pintor Espanol says:

Excelent.. brilliant demostration !!!!

Boris theBlade says:

Im currenly experiencing a sharp pain behind the knee when squatting below parallel. do you think that is likely to be hip or ankle related or is it not possible to say without going to a specialist?

ce1tzu says:

Excellent stuff as always. Short video containing lots of excellent information

Dantés Inferno says:

Hey Dr.Aaron! I was wondering if you could make a video on squatting with a leg length discrepancy. I have a discrepancy of 25mm on my right leg and i'm sure it would affect my hip joints if I squat with it. Would be interesting to hear your take on it!

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