Knee Pain From Squatting? Don't Overlook Quad Stiffness

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Complaints of knee pain in Jessica Smith beget an eval on the table AND on the IG. The latter reveals:

✅ Squatting Technique
✅ Rotational Capacity
❎ Training in Hip Extension

Solution: turn that last one into a ✅ AND improve the system through soft tissue smashing.

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Jeremy Rawson says:

How am I able to address a similar issue on my own if I don’t have a super friend to help?

Randy Hauer says:

Rossiter System is a full system for “team” fascial “smashing”: coach adds weight via foot on tissue plus athlete mobilization. Commonly, it is the opposite side from the “problem” side that is causing the issue via compensating and guarding tightness. Would be interesting to know if her left quad was even more tender than right side.

btc2020k says:

kelly you might want to take your shoes off b4 torturing the poor girl lol

Jimstein Peerless says:

Self cupping for better tissue glide has given me some relief of my issue with a tight quad (eg. vestus latteralis). Smashing, foam rolling or pinning with balls has not helped me.

GunsNDerrickRoses says:

Squat to 90 degrees with eccentric isometrics and with minimalistic shoes/socks/barefoot and you will never have a need for foam rolling or soft tissue work. All of this ATG squatting nonsense is devastating bodies and only degrading mobility not enhancing it

D Aaron Coner says:

Tell her I'm very sorry but I love this video of you so casually torturing her. I've shown everyone I know. Such fascinating discussion.

Sean Burton says:

This is awesome! The pain face is common. But the relief after is phenomenal! Knee pain goes down, hip stiffness is less and low back pain is minimized. Good to do before a chiropractic adjustment.

cerbarus3000 says:

Kelly, brother, I am worried about your breathing. What's going on man?

Benjamin Baumgardner says:

Would have liked to see a prone retest tho!

evãn says:

perfect timing once again Kelly! thank you. been dealing with some knee pain from exactly the same reason.

artman33167 says:

she laughs like i do when the (lack of) mobility pain hits hard!

DeadeyeJoe37 says:

Thank you for this! I think this may be my missing link in my hunt for knee pain. I get the pain when sitting down with my knee at 90 degrees for long periods of time and if I try to go to 90 or below during squats. However, the pain isn't in the joint itself and I do have tightness and foam rolling that quad hurts like a mother.

Jesus Revezzo says:

We have done a lot of walking on each other in the Russian martial art of Systema as well. I confess, I need to get walked on more. I have far too much tenderness in my quads similar to this.

C W says:

Time for the tempering roller.

Lembu Gila says:

More solutions in the video that can be done without a partner would be helpful. I feel like I watched a seven minute video all about the problem.

Paul G says:

Thank you so much … I am so stiff in the lower body… will definitely give this try. Thank you so much for the video

Travis Boothe says:

Here is your sign 😂

Maarten P says:

Loved the intro lol keep it up Kelly

Lars Rye Jeppesen says:

Very informative, Coach

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