Absolute Best Shoulder Impingement Exercises (Self-Treatments)

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrate the absolute best exercises to treat Shoulder Impingement. These are self-treatments that have helped many of Bob and Brad’s patients. Shoulder Impingement is one of the most common causes of shoulder pain including rotator cuff tears.

0:00 Intro Song
0:09 Intro
0:49 What is Shoulder Impingement?
2:05 Posture with Impingement
2:41 Exercise 1
3:21 Exercise 2
4:57 Stretch 1
6:15 Stretch 2
7:10 Exercise 3
8:15 Exercise 3 Different Position
8:32 Exercise 3 Different Position
8:40 Exercise 3 Different Position
8:47 Exercise 4
9:43 Exercise 5
10:05 Exercise 6
10:48 Outro

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Alistair Wright says:

I needed this. Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.

S N says:

Bob and Brad cured my shoulder impingement! The exercise with the chair was the most effective for me. I'd been to the doctor, but the exercises they had given me were more for rotator cuff. After about six months of constant pain and limited motion, I found this video and starting with the chair exercise. I started feeling improvement quickly! Now several months later my shoulder is basically good again. Thanks Bob and Brad!

obenkyou.withme says:

The chair push down one was so painful

Tikuli Dogra says:

can we do these exercises even with a cervical spondylitis as an add-on esp with resistance band? The combo of impingement n spondylitis sucks. 😢. please guide.

Carole Girard says:

I cannot do the push down chair move ouch!

K Peterson says:

The chair tip worked for me! I used my counter top while my bagel was toasting, and this short time loosened me up noticeably. Will do several times a day. Shoulder blade squeeze will strengthen my muscles. I wish mine was caused by sports, but I think it's a combo of sitting too much, with poor back support and bad posture. GRAZIE MILLE guys!!

No Toes Baker says:

I think I have mild shoulder impingement it doesn't hurt so much overhead but when I do pullups I could not fully retract my right scapula even though I could do it standing normally. Anyways thank you this helped alot.

Indigo Silhouette says:

Nothing is helping, cant even do a single pushup its so excruciatingly painful.

Ihsan Mujdeci says:

Your relationship is great. Thanks for the tips!

Minnieb says:

I'm on here because of the pain in my shoulder, but I can't help but giggle every time I hear their intro song.😀

sonia Woolery says:

Two times I have watched your videos and both times i was able to relieve the impingement. Thank you so much.

johibbitt says:

I'm going to try these as my shoulder has been hurting for some time. It's also affecting the inner part of my elbow. Not sure if that's to do with my shoulder so will see if it helps both. Thanks

Atif Ikram says:

The chair exercise is AMAZING!! Thank you!!!

john k says:

1) Thumbs forward (rather than inward), 2) good posture (chest out, shoulders back) , 3) squeeze shoulder blades together (and down a bit) throughout the day, 4) push down on counter (or chair) and walk back while pushing down, 5) Doorway pectoral stretch, 6) behind the back 2 hand towel grab (or lock fingers if able), 7) lie on back (with spine on blue roller), 8) lie on stomach with arms out and flap your wings, 9) tensor bands (elbows tucked in). Thanks.

rachel14003 says:

Blimey! I just tried some of these along with you and immediately have a greater range of movement. I will try doing this every day, several times a day and see how it goes.

A says:

DONT do the one where they press down on a chair and walk backwards and forwards. I just massively made my rotator cuff injury 5x worse! Had a ”cutting” sensation occur in my shoulder with pain all the time now where as before the pain was almost non existant.

Andrew Gresbach says:

how often do you recommend doing the strength building exercises (times per day/week)? the stretching i know you mentioned several times a day

Ernesto Piovesan says:

These two guys are saving people thousands of dollars. Thank you for doing this 🙂

Jeffrey Kerchner says:

I have been so worried about a rotator tear. I watched your diagnosis video, and found out none of the tear "trigger" exercises made me hurt except #7. I did these stretches and feel great. Thank you!

Glen Forbes says:

Look! They are both on the ball!!!

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