#1 Shoulder Impingement Exercises (Best Success Rate)

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#1 Shoulder Impingement Exercises (Best Success Rate)

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/physicaltherapyvideo
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Bob and Brad demonstrate the number one shoulder impingement exercises with the best success rate.

Video Chapters:
0:01 Intro
0:22 Topic
0:40 Giveaway
1:40 What is it?
2:04 About the Book/Author
3:46 Hanging
6:00 What Does Hanging Do?
6:30 External Rotation
7:18 Hands Behind Back
8:18 Booyah Stik ROM
8:54 Chicken Wing
11:20 Outro

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Juliet Jeske says:

I did these exercise last night and woke up with a shoulder that feels completely different than it has in months. I just ordered his book and I plan to keep doing this exercises every day. I'm in complete shock. I've tired so many things that didn't work.

Hector Merc says:

First you guys helped me with my Morton’s neuroma and now I come to you again for impingement THANKS 🙏

Josh C says:

Thank you for the great videos! My question is this (after watching three of your videos on shoulder pain): Does the hanging take the place of the exercise where you hold on to the chair while pushing down and walking backwards away from the chair? That is to ask, does hanging accomplish the same goal? Thanks!

Evorider 36 says:

Bob's speech was slurring a lot in the beginning of this video. Was he hitting the sauce? Just kidding, these guys are great!

Steve Kalka says:

Hanging worked very well for my shoulder, but I believe it tweaked my lower back quite a bit. Does it make sense that the lower back tightens up considerably once you transfer the weight off the feet and hang?

Robert Cameron says:

I had a small pinch for first time on ball of shoulder and I wasn’t thinking anything of it. lifted shoulders, next day it felt like the ball of shoulder was bruised inside to the touch

Russoft says:

I've been doing the hanging a few days (3 minutes cumulative / day, 30 seconds x 6 reps), can't say I've noticed any improvement yet. I'll try these other exercises. I don't really like the ones proposed in Kirsch's book as I feel like they just aggravate my pain (and actually cause symptoms in my "good" shoulder)

Typewriter Monkey says:

I was just referred here by my doctor 🙂

Chantel Brown says:

I'm new to this channel . Has anyone noticed how much the doctor with the black shirt sounds like Norm MacDonald?

Prize Udo says:

🤦🏿‍♂️ this was all I needed for relief??? Simple answer, usually the best. Thanks guys!

mama bearcake says:

Don't need mattress just wanna sleep without pain in shoulder

SS Productions says:

Been dealing with this for 4 months, woke up this morning and I could barely move my arm from the extreme pain. Hanging helped me the most so far. It's immediate relief! The other exercises made it a bit stiff so I believe I did something wrong on the chicken wing exercise which is very possible. But I have so much relief from doing this. I hung for 40 seconds 5 times with a 5 minutes break between them. I could lift my arm and I was never happier. It's amazing how much we take mobility for granted until it's taken away from us. You guys are amazing, thank you for helping all of us with this pain

Angelo Corona says:

May god bless you two 🙏🏼

Jacques Blaque says:

This time, they forgot: do the hanging with the palms of your hands facing AWAY FROM you, not like you're doing chin-ups. It's important, so they generally make that clear.

Bikeskinz says:

I can tell the hanging helps, cause I did it just once and it already feels better.

Bilal Khan says:

I am so very glad I stumbled upon this video. Woke up yesterday morning with a very painful shoulder. Took 400 mg of ibuprofen that barely made a difference. Luckily, I found this video. Hanging gently on a pull up bar cured the extreme shoulder pain in 15 minutes. One day later, it feels like someone has given me a brand new shoulder.

A quick google search tells me that at least fifty percent of people will experience shoulder impingement at least once in their lives. Everyone should be taught this stuff in high school.

Kevin Rothermel says:

I feel really dumb for being in pain for so long when all I had to do was hang for 30 seconds. But also, so happy to have found this.

Sam Nassar says:

Would the exercise make it worst if you have torn muscle?

CawffeeAddict 11 says:

You guys are amazing! Your videos have helped me for so many issues! Thank you for making them, and getting the info that helps relieve pain out there!!

Ken Szupello says:

Amazing video! Thank you for sharing. I have been training hard in the gym again and this shoulder impingement was the death of my success. Started my hangs and mobility and now I am back!

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