Why Common Patellar Tendonitis Rehab FAILS and 5 exercises that WORK!

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Coach E offers 5 simple exercises to fix patellar tendonitis, aka jumper’s knee. These aren’t your standard stretching exercises. They will help whether this is a new pain after some time off from training or a longstanding issue that has finally outstayed its welcome.

You will target the underlying cause, whether it’s from weak foot muscles, stiff ankles, an overachieving quad, or anything in between. Then, as you go through each exercise, you’ll figure out which muscles haven’t been pulling their weight – something to keep in mind as you go about your day.

All of these can be done at home or anywhere with enough space to lay down. We try to avoid exercises requiring equipment, but you will need a long resistance band, foam roller, and stability ball for these. Exercise #4 is worth it – so much fun.


00:00 Intro

02:57 Metatarsal Pressure Exercise
04:55 Banded Dorsiflexion Mobilization
05:08 Ankle Dorsiflexion Routine
07:46 ASMR: Anterior Thigh
09:07 Extended Knee Plantarflexion-Dorsiflexion
10:36 Stability Ball Leg Curl
12:06 Slumpy Psoas Activator

Additional Info / Tools
14:30 Summary
15:17 ROM Coach Mobile App

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Knee Recovery Program: https://www.precisionmovement.coach/knee-recovery-program​ – includes exercises to restore fundamental function including VMO activation; designed for any painful swollen knee, acute knee injuries like meniscus tears or chronic conditions like arthritis.


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Charlotte’s Pets says:

Hi! What should I do if I can’t do the Anterior thigh exercise without pain in my other knee?

Sandarbh Maurya says:

its been a year with this problem still these exercises can work?

Miguel Rivas says:

thank you very much. This video is very helpfull.

Tim Gilbert says:

How much reps and sets are good for the last exercise? Thanks for the great exercises!!!

Michael McLaughlin says:

Should I be icing my knee after these exercises?

Aloha Leslie says:

This was awesome! Many years post total knee replacement, my upper/lower leg and foot are wayyyy out of balance. I play lots of pickleball and recently came up "lame". Lots of patellar tendon pain. I've watched yours and a few other helpful videos and must say that I am already, after a few days post injury, feeling much relief. Thanks for these. Body/Muscle Balance is paramount to optimal healing IMO. PS – I am a medical massage practitioner so you have added some wonderful new perspectives to my work.

donell custodio says:

Im on my day 8 doing this everyday. I pretty sure my knee pain will be gone before my sports doctor appointment. I play tennis 3 times a week just turn fifty. never in my life felt this knee pain before, with this exercise I found out how weak my hip flexor psoas muscle. Thank u very much coach

wilkssan wilkssan says:

thank you for video. finding band not attainable. what is a good replacement?

Kyle Deacon says:

will this also be useful with a partial tear? Probably a dumb question haha

Miles Mena says:

I took a week off of running and tried to jump back to full columns and I eventually developed patellar tendonitis. I continued to ignore the problem and it’s been 5 months since I’ve ran! I’m hoping these exercises help.

Marco Lucero says:

What I well explained video of root causes man very impressed, will try all been dealing with this for two years on and off with the pain

Rgasta says:

I tried this, I recovered after 6 months of inactivity, but then, as I went back to my regular sport (soccer), after just 5 months, the pain returned. Now I am at 3d month of inactivity+ theraphy and I still didnt recover yet. How to fix this for good?

Maktabah Al-Sahaba says:

Do you know why I get lower back pain whenever I do a lunge?

Lunged help my pain, but fir soem reason it casues pain to my lower back

Christine Nelson says:

Please do a video degenerated bone

Mel And Ty says:

I injured both knees from playing netball, I never had a problem with PT and I thought I was never going to be able to play again. I will try out this exercise twice a day and hope my knee is strong enough in 3 week for my big game. P.s my injury is 3 weeks old.

Brock Samson says:

I'm under the assumption this will not work for those with patellar tendinopathy. Being very different for this with tendonitis

TheDazboo says:

How often is it okay to do these set of exercises? Everyday okay ? Or have a rest day? Thanks

Chidozie not Henry says:

should i pair this with typical 4 stage Patellor tendon therapy progression exercises (isometrics then isotonics, etc.) or should i just do this with isometrics?

when do u progress to activity?

shreyangi gandhi says:

Thank u sir

Mike S says:

When trying to activate the psoas muscle I feel the activation in my hip flexor and groin only. Any idea why not the psoas ? Thank you

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