Alfredson Achilles Tendinopathy Rehab Protocol

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Alfredson Achilles Tendinopathy Rehab Protocol

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This is not medical advice! The content is intended to be educational only for health professionals and students. If you are a patient, seek care of a health care professional.


ambar shukla says:

So basically for intertional Achilles tendonitis: No dorsiflexion! Instead do eccentrics on flat surface with bend knee.

Andrew Coles says:

Regarding insertional tendonitis – is there a clear time of when you know it is time to gradually begin dropping the heels into dorsiflexion? I've been careful to avoid any weight bearing in that position for a couple weeks now and can confirm the flare ups stopped. If I stretch my calves or go into dorsiflexion previously it does slightly aggravate the heel. I am trying to learn when its okay to start working up to a heel drop from a step versus staying on the floor.

William Anderson says:

I have been utilizing this protocol with success, but have developed medial heel pain felt when reaching down to my foot in standing. Any thoughts on this? (Def not PF pain)

Fabien Fernandez says:

How about extensor digitorum longus 
tendinosis rehab. I'm seeking for that 
video I've always seen an Achilles 
tendinosis rehab

Quincy Sutton says:

Thank you. My pt appt is a month out & as a trainer I know these exercises but it’s nice to get some feedback that I’m doing it right

Dominic Borg says:

There's some interesting research by Dr Keith Baar on tendons. Basically he suggests intake of Gelatin or Collagen + Vit C 30-60mins prior to exercises. Same as the Alfredson protocol it is done twice a day however with isometrics and not eccentrics. He explains isometrics (total 5-8 mins) are better as it gives more creep. This is what I will be trying next.

Paul Chromik says:

Thanks for those great exercises and knowledge-sharing ! 🙂

Dan Thomas says:

what if both legs have achilles tendinopathy? How should I get to the top of the exercise?

14good says:

Change your zombie music, so ppl can take u more seriously. Thanks.

Gina Donaldson says:

Thank you for this video. I will check back and let you know how I am doing in a few weeks.

Márcio Fabiano says:

Very good. Thank you.

Joe Mcqaude says:

I have constant calf pain, ive had total.knee replacement surgery on both knees ive been told by my doctor i have tendonopothy can i do the exercises on the video

Aaron Chubb says:

Should I do the uninjured side too so I'm keeping some symmetry in my leg muscles?

Daan Michiels says:

I have achillis tendinopathy but I also have a pes planus. My fysio told me not to do the alfredson protocol beceause I would only work in the wrong, weakened foot position. He advised me to do excercises for my intrisic foot muscles so my foot position is normal in terminal stance, pre-swing and thereby relieves the pressure on my achillis eventually. What is your advise on this?

Mbongeni Dlamini says:

Very helpful! Thanks

aldo says:

Should I touch the wall when I do this exercise?

Boris Stoilov says:

When the heel drops under toes level calf muscle gets overstretched and the achilles inflamates. Best recovery exercise is calf muscle raises/without the eccentric fall/ .

alexandre poussier says:

hi, thank you for this video. i don't speak very much english. is it 2 per day an 3×15 rep of each excercices ? thanks you

EI6IYB says:

Mid Point Tendonitis x 2 months – Excellent explanations / advice …. Will start tomorrow 14/10/2020 … and update post with progress 👍

Pille Palle says:

Thank you! Short and complete.

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