Top 3 Exercise To Never Do With Sciatica (DON'T DO THIS)

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Top 3 Exercise To Never Do With Sciatica (DON’T DO THIS)
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Dr. Gonzales & Dr Dawne of Performance Place deep dive into Sciatica. This video is for people who want to understand Sciatica very well. Sciatica is injury or irritation to the Sciatic Nerve, a long nerve that runs from your low back to your gluteal area all the way down to the calf and foot. It can feel like tightness or sharp pain or numbness and tingling. The Sciatic nerve is formed when several nerve roots coming out of the spine travel down the leg and come together to form a bigger nerve.

Often, there can be compression in the areas where it comes out of the spine, and that can cause the symptoms. Many activities can contribute to closing the bony hole that the nerve exits out of-causing compression. Some of these are daily activities like walking, or surfing. Activities with a large amount of spinal extension, or “arching” are the types of activities that keep these holes in their most closed positions, which can lead to other problems.

An Injury to a disc in the low back can also cause irritation or compression to the nerves that make up the sciatic nerve. The discs are little, “jelly-filled” pieces of tissue in between each vertebra and are right next to the spinal nerves that become the Sciatic. When the discs are injured, the “jelly” can move out of the disc and compress the nerve nearby. Different movements tend to injure the disc. Instead of extension or “arching” being a problem, the opposite movement is a problem. Bending forward, along with compression or rotation (turning) are the movements most likely to be injurious to a disc.

These two problems are the most common causes of Sciatica. To fix it, you must determine which of these two are your problem. There are some tests in this video to help you figure out which of the two is your problem and to help you differentiate from other diagnoses, such as Piriformis Syndrome. Piriformis Syndrome is one of the most common diagnoses confused with Sciatica.

Once you have determined what the primary cause of your Sciatica is, now you have to get rid of it. We have lots of videos about exercises for Sciatica or stretches for Sciatica that you can find on our channel. But the most simple piece of advice we can give for fixing this is: “Do What Feels Good”. Remember, we are not looking for perfect, we are looking for progress.

There is a simple stretch demonstrated in this video that you can try today-and we discuss what you can do to keep it away in the long term. However you decide to treat this, make sure that you keep moving! The worst thing you can do for this condition is to let fear of movement get in the way of you physically moving your way to recovery.

Low back herniations, or lumbar herniations, are a very common injury we “fix” at Performance Place and they are the most common reason for sciatica leg pain. These injuries tend to follow similar patterns, and so we have decided to share two of the most common things that can help alleviate disc pain instantly.

Doctors Dawne and Sebastian spend some time talking about whether you can “fix” a disc or not, and what part MRI and imaging has to play in your recovery. They are the best at diagnosing the reason for your sciatica and helping you find sciatica relief quickly.

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Dr. Gonzales is a Costa Mesa chiropractor serving the Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach surrounding community. Regardless if you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, or sports injuries, our chiropractor can help you heal your conditions with chiropractic treatments and massage, such as Active Release. If you have been in a car accident, there is a chance you need a Chiropractor in Costa Mesa to help you overcome conditions, which occur in car accidents, such as whiplash.

0:00 – Intro To Sciatica
1:17 – What is Sciatica?
2:19 – Russian Twist Exercise Creates Sciatica Pain
3:31 – Alternative To Russian Twist Exercise For Sciatica Pain (Deadbug)
5:45 – Seated Hamstring Stretching Causes Sciatica Pain
6:35 – Alternative To Seated Hamstring Stretching For Sciatica Pain (Supine)
8:12 – Sciatica Ab Exercise To Release Hamstring Tension
9:57 – Stiff Legged Deadlift Exercise Creates Sciatica Pain
10:46 – Alternative To Stiff Legged Deadlift For Sciatica Pain (RDL)
11:42 – How Long To Avoid Exercises With Sciatica Pain


John Goh says:

Very confused I just don't understand what are the 3 top Exercises to never do with Sciatica,

Dale Tracht says:

Can’t understand anything she says

Jill Lopate says:

You are not being clear. Confusing. This is not helpful.

Dave says:

Does that include periformice? Thanks

Abhik Saha says:

Could you please make some videos, on muscle strains while suddent bend beside the lumbar or low back and just above the glutes. Specially felt while hanging while keeping my feet pulled above to create bit more tension?

Mike Fahlenkamp says:

Other than the quick speach ( I used CC ) not a bad video. I was impressed mainly by the many actual responses in your comment section …

Indoor exercise says:

🙏 I think there is so many people are suffering with this problem,so many people giving suggestions and exercises to this problem but my suggestion is only don't do front bending exercises. walking, jogging, some streching exercises is enough but we should do every day with out neglect. for curing may takes months are years depends upon the patient health,and also for this problem there is so many reasons hereditary, medication,rest less works, work only by sitting, food deficiancy like so many reasons so we learn to live with this problem just like carona

Daniel Adam says:

I feel the pain on the side of my quad to the lower leg not on my back of the leg. Is that still sciatica? Would really appreciate a response 🙏

Avijit Saha says:

Can I do Glute Bridge, Kegel, hip thrust, and jumping exercises with sciatica?

Carmela Quiogue says:

Too much explanation. Pls just show what exercises should be done. Couldn’t understand what is allowed and what is not. Confusing!

Be Science Gurus says:

Plz plz plzz plzzz tell us which exercise can do in scitica for weight loss as well as for slim body for flat stomach

average prepper says:

Thank you for the video. I watched along with the chapters and it was very easy to follow along. Looking forward to putting these tips into practice.

Lorrie Kraft says:

Will sciatica ruin jogging for me?


Hi … i got disc protrusion of L5S1 4.5mm and small hormov herni of L4 . Can u tell me what I need to avoid

blaser51 says:

# 2 will make me beg for a coffin !

blaser51 says:

That first exercise will kill me !!!

Dawnie P says:

Thank you so much. Great info and we'll presented ☺

GMommaGamez says:

Hi so with that Russian exercise are you keeping your lower back to the floor because I have lower back pain and lying on my back hurts as well as lying on my stomach my back hurts to where I have to roll over very slow because my back stiff up

Abhi Thapliyal says:

Hey I have sciatica specifically I got my left leg numb but i also want to do gym mainly benchpress, squats, back excercise so can I do it? I will definitely avoid the excercises which you mentioned in this video


Can we train martial arts during this pain

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