Lower Back Stretches for Sciatica Pain – Sciatica Exercises for Back Pain by FitnessBlender.com

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No Excuses says:


bishal pradhan says:

Loved doing it along with you guys.
Clear instructions made it easy.

Tedimola Christiana says:

Thank you so much. Very helpful.

norma lancaster says:

Hi i been doing these for some time and if I miss day I really feel it. It is a great way to release the pain in my nerves which often extend down my leg.

Yoga with Sohan says:

If these exercises don't help than practice this way. https://youtu.be/yOIDLZJ-kJw

casgiatina says:

14/01/22 – done ✔
2/2/22 – done ✔
4/2/22 – done ✔


I feel good doing these exercises and very happy to recommend.

Like That says:

Guys I love your videos, but can you please remove the add in the middle of the stretch?

D- Buj says:

I am glad this video was made. Recovery stretches are so essential for the muscles and movement. Thanks fitness blender for contributing to the fitness & health of my family

Fuzzy Azmy says:

U don't do standing toe touch when u have back pain..seriously?

lezleyd55 says:

This is great right before bed

KarmicWealth says:

Another great stretch. Thanks guys.

Ferguson Tamrot says:

This time I'll use Unflexal workouts to learn about workouts more 🙂

BasmA Hesham says:

First stretch is amazing

C Kumarie Pun says:

Life saver, thank you guys. This really works, I haven't had flare up in more than 3 years after doing this stretches. Suddenly had flare up again and I just know where to go. Here👍👍

Tanja says:

I get sciatic pain from the piriformis muscle once in a while, and this is my favourite stretching video to help relieve it! Super effective, and very helpful! When I do this combined with strength training of the glutes, I have no problems with my sciatic pain 👍

Judy Park says:

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Marieli Rivas says:

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Lumnie Qykovci says:

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It is a good one off product for pushing sciatica out of your life for good minus the hard work. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my colleague got great results with it.

John Ramos says:

"0:54" Thanks for the Video clip!
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